How to Pin Show Desktop Option to Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7

Windows 7 has got revamped taskbar also known as superbar. Windows 7 taskbar has number of excellent features like Jumplist, Thumbnail preview, Aero peak, etc. another interesting thing about windows 7 taskbar is show desktop button at extreme right of taskbar.

When you click on Show desktop button of windows 7 taskbar all opened windows will get minimized and desktop will presented to you. But if you are looking for way to pin Show desktop on taskbar then here is excellent utility “show desktop”.

What is Show Desktop?

Show Desktop is a small software that minimizes all open windows to display the desktop. Show Desktop was created for Windows 7 but also works as a replacement for Windows Show Desktop icon in the taskbar on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Show Desktop Pinned on Windows 7 Taskbar

Show Desktop Pinned on Taskbar

Works with : Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 (Works on both 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems).

Download Show Desktop

Source: Jkwebtalks

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7 thoughts on “How to Pin Show Desktop Option to Windows 7 Taskbar”

  1. Windows+D key on the keyboard does the same thing without taking up space on the taskbar or running another process. Is it really that hard to move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen?

  2. Brilliant little utility, thanks! The standard W7 show desktop minimizes everything, including RocketDock, which is pretty useless so this has made my day!

  3. very nice and easy way to put desktop icon in task bar, really good as compared to other ways of other people
    once more excellent

  4. Great! you continue to use it AS IS. For elite or advanced users who have no use for the task bar (The task bar should be free of process excluding battery life, time and if you use antivirus that hog too). Im guessing your not an electrician because i would have to go across the room to turn my light on. Get a clue.

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