Alien Download Manager for Megaupload, Rapidshare, Netload, Hotfile & Many More

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Sometime back we had reviewed MDownloader which is a download manager for downloading files from various file sharing websites like Rapidshare. Similar tool has been developed by Aline333 developer of popular tool Rapidshare Plus.  Aline333 was working on this tool for quite some time and today he has released all in one download manager for multiple file sharing websites.

Alien Download Manager is one standalone utility to support multiple file sharing websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles,, Netload, Hotfile being this is first release support for following websites will be added in next release.

4Shared, Badongo, Easyshare, Filefactory,  Gigasize,  Mediafire,  Sendspace,, Zshare.

Alien Download Manager

Alien Download Manager

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Download Alien Download Manager.

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10 thoughts on “Alien Download Manager for Megaupload, Rapidshare, Netload, Hotfile & Many More”

  1. I Come looking for this because i had took up to many on rapidshare and you freaking upload it on rapidshare whats the point!?

  2. your alien down load manager is nice . easy to use and works great . i uses rapiddownloader for rapid share and they are almost identical interface’s ! the like checker GREAT JOB , love the tool saves me time n trouble of checking them my self. look forward to a new version n the future and hope its as good as this one if not lot better . THANKS

  3. Is there something wrong with this? Keeps giving me a cross next to the links, even though I know they’re working.

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