Create Document Themes with Microsoft Office 2007 Theme Builder

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Microsoft Office Themes coordinate the visual appearance of formatting within a document to create a better looking document. The theme specifies a document’s colors, fonts and graphic effects.  Microsoft Office 2007 Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Outlook uses Document Themes. The same theme files are available with all of these applications so that formatting can be coordinated across documents from different applications.

Until now there was no way you can create your own document themes for Microsoft Office 2007 but latest product “Theme Builder” under development at Microsoft Lab will give you the potential to build your own document themes to provide a quick and easy way to apply a consistent look across all your Microsoft Office documents.

Microsoft Office 2007 Theme Builder

Microsoft Office 2007 Theme Builder

Microsoft Office Theme Builder is still in beta mode and only available for download to Microsoft connect users. You must have .Net Framework & Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies.

We have tested Office theme builder on Microsoft Office 2010 and its works flawlessly.

If you are Microsoft connect user then follow this link to download Microsoft Office 2007 Theme Builder.

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