Create Ubuntu Live USB Drive on Windows with Ubuntu Live Imager

Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive
Ubuntu Live USB device allows you to take the Ubuntu Linux operating system with you anywhere! In addition, if you ever run into problems where you cannot boot Windows (and cannot access your files), you can use Ubuntu Live USB drive to boot your computer into a nice Linux GUI environment and recover your files.

In past we have published article on how to create Ubuntu Live USB drive and how to install Windows 7 from USB drive here is one more handy tool Ubuntu Live USB Imager to help you in creating  Ubuntu Live USB device from a Windows PC.

With Ubuntu Live Imager not only Ubuntu but you can also create Live USB of Kubuntu and Xubuntu or any other variant of Linux.

Ubuntu Live Imager

Ubuntu Live Imager

You must have ISO file of Ubuntu or any Linux variant you wish to create live USB.

Download Ubuntu Live Imager and instantly create Ubuntu Live USB.

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