Get Windows 7 System Properties on Windows XP

Windows 7
By now almost every one is aware of latest Microsoft operating system Windows 7 and many users have already enjoyed Windows 7 Beta and Windows 7 RC via public preview. Those we haven’t tried can transform their XP & Vista to Windows 7 with Windows 7 transformation pack or use Windows 7 Screensaver.

If you have seen Windows 7 System properties windows then you may know it’s very different from Windows XP. Now you can get Windows 7 System properties on Windows XP as one of deviantart user has extracted Windows 7 System Property cp file for Windows XP.

You just need to replace your existing sysdm.cp with Windows 7 sysdm.cp

Windows 7 System Properties for XP

(Don’t forget to backup that file before replacing and create system restore point)

Download Windows 7 System Properties for Windows XP

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2 thoughts on “Get Windows 7 System Properties on Windows XP”

  1. Nope this doesnt work

    i have tried it 4 times

    the file sysdm.cp gets successfully copied (new file shows size of 1.88MB [instead of default 290KB])into system32 dir

    on invoking sys props via cntrl panl usual XP one appear

    on checkin the sys32 dir ,the default file is present not the Win 7 one

  2. hey

    go to win/sys32/
    press win+R
    type dllcache
    replace the new one there too
    replace in sys32
    log off
    log on



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