SKDownloader Download Accelerator for Linux & Windows

Download Accelerator

Download Manager are application which lets you to stop, start and resume your download operation. This is very helpful when you are downloading big files form internet, on slow internet connection or may have frequent disconnections. Download manager aka download accelerators also helps you to speed up downloading process by downloading files in multiple parts simultaneously.

For windows there are several free download manager applications are available but for Linux there are very few. Today we have got Download Accelerator SKDownloader for Linux.

SKDownloader is a free download accelerator for Linux, windows and other platforms. It is java based and has special installers for Linux and Windows.

Features of SKDownloader – Download Accelerator for Linux Ubuntu

1. Downloading the same file in parts simultaneously to maximize speed.

2. Resume Supported.

3. Supports redirection.

4. HTTP and FTP & Proxy support.

5. Scheduling support with Internet Explorer and Firefox integration.

6. Auto updater for both linux and windows* Graphical and Command line versions available with Graphical version having command line interface inbuilt.

7. Easy installers for Linux and Windows.

SKDownloader – Download Accelerator For Linux

SKDownloader - Downloader Accelerator

Download SKDownloader Download Accelerator for Linux & Windows

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3 thoughts on “SKDownloader Download Accelerator for Linux & Windows”

  1. Seems SKDownloader now comes with torrent download capabilities as well. Also, the annoying ad is also removed. :)

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