5 Cool Ways to Keep Your Twitter Timeline Fresh

Twitter Timeline Update

Twitter, twitter, twitter is everywhere. Twitter follower count has become one important deciding factor of your popularity. For Bloggers twitter followers count is a way of showoff like feed readers count.

So only there is rush to get more followers and the only way to increase followers is by pushing more updates, interesting links, news etc. Feeling left out in trying to update and keep Twitter timeline fresh? Well then check out below list on How to keep your Twitter timeline buzzing all the time.

5 Ways to Keep Your Twitter Timeline Fresh


1. From Blog / website – This is most common and easy way to feed your Twitter account with posts from your own blog or website. You can also feed your Twitter timeline with posts from other favorite blogs. Twitterfeed service does this job like charm.

Create a free account and enter RSS feed URL of blog whose updates you want to be posted on your Twitter timeline, automatically. For WordPress blogs, default RSS feed URL is www.blogname.com/feed/ and for Blogger blogs its www.blogname.com/atom.xml, where blogname is actual URL of the blog.

Google Reader Logo

2. From Google Reader shared – You can automatically post updates for item shared on your Google Reader account. Login into Google Reader and click shared items on left sidebar. Then click “at this webpage” link to see item shared by you. Copy RSS feed URL on the right sidebar and set it up using Twitterfeed (as show in above point).

Flickr Logo

3. From Flickr – If you love uploading and sharing cool photos on  Flickr, why not share them with Twitter friends. You can configure Flickr account to automatically update related Twitter account with new photo updates. Click here and login into Twitter account to authorize posting, simple!

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4. From the Future – Besides automated and current manual tweeting, you can setup tweets to be posted sometime in future. This is ideal way to keep Twitter account buzzing, even when you are not around. Twuffer, Tweet Later and Future Tweets are few cool services that allow scheduling of tweets by hours, weeks, months and years!

Tweet Via Mobile Phone

5. From your phone – You can also send updates from your phone to your Twitter timeline. Login into Twitter account and goto Device tab, enter your mobile phone number and click save. More details here

Besides above, there is always good old ways to post on Twitter by visiting Twitter.com and login into account. You can also Twitter quickly from desktop using either of top notch Twitter desktop clients. There are way too many, here is the listTweetdeck is best one! In between, how do you manage to keep Twitter timeline fresh?

Thanks to Techf5 for sharing ideas.

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