How To Jailbreak/Unlock iPod Touch 2G/1G OS 3.0 with Redsn0w 0.7

Redsn0w 0.7 Unlock & Jailbreak iPod Touch

It was very long wait for iPod Touch 2G owners as it was the only device which had no jailbreak or unlock tool till today but now you have one redsn0w 0.7 for Windows & Mac. Redsn0w 0.7 is multi device & Multi platform Jailbreak & Unlock utility.

With Redsn0w 0.3 you had option of semi-tethered jailbreak meaning once you reboot your iPod Touch 2G you will lose jailbreak and you need re-jailbreak with redsn0w. With Release of Redsn0w 0.7 you can now not only jailbreak but also Unlock iPod Touch 2G 3.0 firmware.

Here is complete guide on jailbreaking & unlocking iPod Touch 1G/2G OS 3.0. You must install iTunes 8.2. iPod Touch users need to pay $9.95 to upgrade iPod Touch OS 3.0 read how to update iPod Touch 1G/2G to Firmware 3.0 for Free.

How to Jailbreak & Unlock iPod Touch 1G/2G Firmware 3.0 on Windows & Mac

1. Download Redsn0w 0.7

2. Download iPod Touch OS 3.0 from below links and save it in redsn0w folder

For iPod Touch 2G:-  iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

For iPod Touch 1G :- iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

3. Extract Redsn0w 0.7 zip files in folder name it as redsn0w

4. Connect your iPod Touch to computer and start iTunes 8.2

5. Hold down shift (For windows)/ Option (For Mac) and click the Restore button and brose iPod Touch OS 3.0 firmware in step 2

6. After iTunes completes restoring OS 3.0 firmware, launch Redsn0w 0.7 from redsn0w folder

7. Click on browse button and locate iPoD Touch Firmware 3.0 ipsw file

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8. Click on Next to continue

9. Check install Cydia option

10. Carefully follow Screen instructions to complete jailbreaking & unlocking process.



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95 thoughts on “How To Jailbreak/Unlock iPod Touch 2G/1G OS 3.0 with Redsn0w 0.7”

  1. Did it! Thought I bricked it at first, but repeated the process and it worked!


  2. the link “For iPod Touch 2G:- iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” is giving me an error. anyone else getting that?

  3. I also though i Bricked it. If it doesn’t reboot on its own the first time i definitely suggest running redsn0w again. and that should work

  4. What does unlock mean wat will it unlock I didn’t know iPod touch had some stuff locked

  5. ok I’m not sure if this program only works on Vista but I was unable to get a GUI when double clicking redsn0w.exe

    I’m running XP Pro, SP3. Here’s how I got it to work if anyone else is having trouble.

    Open command prompt. (Run cmd)
    Navigate to the dir that has redsn0w and the .ipsw in it
    Now type out the command:
    redsn0w.exe iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw
    and follow the directions.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Didn’t work the first 4 times then it finally got passed the Ram uploading. After I downloaded some stuff from cydia the fucking thing bricked itself.

  7. Download Redsnow 0.72 (notice the 2) from the dev blog team website. i just did it and it worked after using 0.71 and having it crash all the time with the ispw from this site. enjoy

  8. Hello, this is a response to people with problems like their ipod wont turn back on.

    Ok, Go onto itunes and go to your ipod (Plug in your ipod first) then click RESTORE. Go through the process and Bingo! all better.

  9. I’m just a newbie but I was sucessful in breaking it. It is really important you update the itouch to 3.0 first. It will not work if you run readsn0w on 2.2. MUST be 3.0.
    I used vista 64. Run as admin in xp sp2 mode. If it crashes after you enter DFU mode just run redsnow again and when it tell you to hold the power button quickly hold and release when it starts. (If you are having trouble breaking the itouch you know what I’ am talking about.

    Runs great and works great with appsync 3.0


  10. I have a question. I’m currently downloading the 3.0 firmware for itouch 2g. Anyways, after i finish jailbreaking everything, etc. Can I just run a backup to restore my apps, music, etc? Or will I have to jailbreak it over again?

  11. hallo i try to jailbreak my ipod and i download the wrong firmwire iPod2,1_3.0_7A238j Restore and update it.
    now my ipod could not connect with itunes..
    it message unknown error (0xe80000050d).
    do know ho to restore again ?

    please help me

  12. AHA!!! FINALLY GOT IT – found a fix to itoch2g crashing with vista. DL redsnow 0.72 not the 0.71

    Then when running redsnow, be sure to be on the spot when you do the DFU but DO NOT release the home button when it is doing its thing with the ram download – keep holding it till its done. Good luck

  13. Just jailbroke it. Thanks for the guide. A little slow on startup and shutdown. Is it from the jailbreak?

  14. hey guys if i were you i would wait till launched the download. but you need to decide yourself.

  15. Yo if any1 needs help with this e-mail me on I’m really good with helping people whos i-pods are in constant reboot. Just send me an email and don’t stress. I’ll get back to you asap. I will also give u a proper guide on how to jailbreak the software and a what can go wrong sheet. Regardless if it works or not, keep trying, thats my number 1 hint.

  16. I tried this and it worked PERFECTLY the first time, with no problems…it even kept all of my settings in order and the only thing extra it did was install Cydia…I love it:)

  17. yes but this is all well and good, but if you go into the terminal (after all updates and installation of terminal) and type su pw xxx and then reboot….your phone gets caught in a constant reboot…apple sign is there but you get the circle of the sign for it “doing things” like the hour glass in windows…just hangs…and hangs..

    So I did the jail break again…the same thing occurs after flashing I’m now stuck with rolling back in itunes..

    Is this possible??

  18. actually reading up, yes its possible to go back and in fact I am doing just that! BUT ****DO NOT GO INTO THE TERMINAL AND USE THE REBOOT COMMAND*** it seems to mess it up into a constant cycle of stuck reboots!!!!!!

    Can’t find anyone else with this problem but suspect its a bug..

  19. hey guys i really really need ur help. i have been trying to jailberak mine for abt 4 hrs alr. everytime i do mine in the correct order, i always just get the black screen. After it says uploading third stage. it just says done. but nothing appears on my screen.

  20. Successfully jailbroke my ipod touch 1st gen. But when i install any thing from cydia the downloaded stuff from cydia does not show up in the springboard (black home screen with all the other icons) and the names of the apps have dissapeared… can anyone help me

  21. Hey guys, I’m posting again, i have helped around 50 people already, if you need help at all with jail breaking just e-mail me at This is the best way for me to communicate as i don’t read these posts> To date i have helped with program malfunctions and jail breaking software. The only thing i can’t do is code :-)…. So if ya need help, just Hola!

  22. Cydia crashed, and only opens up as a black screen, then returns to the home screen. I tried rebooting, respringing, and even safe mode. No matter what it crashes . Help?

  23. ============================================================

    To everyone who has an unchanging black screen: your ipod is “bricked”. Just open up itunes and click “restore”. If your ipod isn’t recognized by your computer… well you’ve got bigger problems. Google it.


  24. I have 2.0 for ipod touch 2G which i already jailbreaked. But i was wondering if i changed it to 3.0 and jailbreak it again, will the apps that was jailbreaked earlier still be there and work? or all the apps will be gone? (my frn put in the apps for me so i don’t have it in my comp)

  25. for people using redsn0w-2.
    you need to be online when using it or it will crash when you click next.

  26. For some reason I go through all the steps and it says that it is all finish, but for some reason Cydia does not appear on my itouch. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

  27. Now i know you are supposed to restore your ipod if it won’t turn back on. but what if it doesn’t connect to itunes? my ipod is totally off and won’t connect to itunes so i can’t restore. the jailbreak worked without a hitch until i left the room, came back, and found my ipod wouldn’t turn back on.

  28. i JB my ipod touch 2g 3.0 and every thing works fine, cydia apps are working, but when i backed up my ipod, all my stuff went on except 4 my music. i tried syncing it normally, and it said “cannot sync jaspers ipod, disk not found.”
    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: nothing else syncs either!

  29. i have a 1st gen ipod touch and i’ve jailbroken my ipod many times and it worked. then the 3.0 software came out and so did the jailbreak so i decided to jailbreak it. it does all the steps but once it starts the jailbreak process it just says done ??? someone help!!

  30. please someone help i jailbreaked with 3.0 and i got the firmware on my ipod but when i started the jailbreak everything was fine till it rebooted it never came back on and it wont be recognised by itunes someone help please!!!

  31. Help!! I have start the redsn0w application and the app crashes after it successfully identifed ipsw file. After that I click next and it just crashes.

    Note, this is for the iPod touch 2G

  32. the jailbreak fail helper

    Right if you really want to fix this, listen. First off your ipod is probably on a black screen and is not doing anything after your jailbreak. Were going to make it work again.
    1. Open redsn0w
    2. choose the ispw
    3. go through the enter dfu mode bit. It will be likely to say that it has not found it. but click back and trying it again once or twice, it will find it and your computer will pick up the connection and tell you its in dfu mode.
    4. let the jailbreak begin until its done.
    5. your ipod should now work

    if you ipod does the same thing again. do it all over again but this time have itunes open and when your ipod is at the white screen cancel the redsn0w and resore it with the ipsw you downloaded for the jailbreak fairly quick and your ipod should restore to factory so… no song or anything (at least your ipod works :) )

    thanks just thought i would help :)

    ps: if you deleted the redsn0w and ipsw.. download them again (they dont have to be the same ones as long as the ipsw is 3.0)

  33. those who find that they cant turn it back one all you do is do the steps again. like hold the button on the top for 3 secs and then hold the home buton with it for 10 secs etc…

  34. Works great – First Time, no Problems with Vista Ultimate 64
    Takes about 8mins

    ENJOY and Thanks Everyone

  35. hey when i try to restore my 1g ipod touch doing the shift restore methood, when i choose the 3.0 ipsw, it gives me an error saying the firmware is not compatible. whats wrong?

  36. thank you thank you thank you dev tream you rule took me a couple trys and i finally jailbroken it for the first time thx!!!!





    I jailbreaked with redsn0w 0.72 but when i restart it after i download all my apps from cydia like sb settings mx tube and winterboard i am prompted to restart and i do so and i get a black screen HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED

    please email me help!

  38. I did everything and everytime i open the files there’s nothing in them. i cant even get the ipsw thing there. idk what to do.

  39. Guys after reading this i’d rather be staying on 2.2.1 and not jail breaking my ipod touch 2G cause my parents would kill me if i mess up my ipod. If i m not wrong most of the comments say, i m bricked, or i m stuck at the black screen i mean there is no point risking your ipod to get a stupid firmware to work with all our lovely apps when you already get them to work on your ipod touch 2g 2.2.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I too was crazy about jailbreaking 3.0 but noe i get the seriousness…

    Its your choice and my advice :)

  40. I had a 3.0 firmware on my ipod touch 2g, I tried to jailbreak it ,everything went perfect then it said rebooting and then it never turned back on,,stressed, help me out plz

  41. i did all this then after the little pinapple thing my ipod turend off then it wont turn back on now.and my ipod wont read on my computer,like it wont connct on itunes and now my ipod doesnt turn on and i cant restore it….HHHHEEEELLLLLPPPP

  42. Yash, Naveeh, and Irfan, I had the same problem. All you have to do is put it into DFU mode (so the computer will recognize it) and run redsn0w again. it should boot fully the second time around. :]

  43. Guys, I can clarify that redsn0w works with ipod touch 2g. However, I used redsn0w 0.8. the newer one. Initially, I was having problem as my XP computer was not jailbreaking properply ie after the DFU mode part the jailbreaking stopped after the 3rd upload stage (there should be an uploading ramdisk part etcetc). I tried it on another computer, vista home 32-bit and it was a success. Rmb to use the right ipsw file for redn0w, you can get it from mininova since the link given here is broken. Good luck guys and follow the instructions properly to reduce risk.

  44. my ipod cant on after fail at waiting for reboot, but i keep holding ON and MENU button it ON again.
    any idea why it cannot jailbreak??anyone is jailbreak 1 times is successful?

  45. Worked great. I screwed up the first time. I wasn’t ready to hold the buttons down. Did a DFU and strated over. Got it the second time. Thanks!

  46. I have updated firmware 2.2 with 3.0, then I have jailbroken IPOD touch 2g WITH Redsn0w 0.7, IT ASKED FOR “INSTALL CYDIA”, BUT DOES IT REALLY INSTALLED, AS I HAVEN’T FOUND IT IN IPOD TOUCH 2G AFTER JAIL BREAKING.

  47. if your ipod has beed stucked up and wont turn on it is really simple – step 1) connect ipod and have itunes on 2) press & hold both power and home button for ten secs
    3)let go of power button without releasing home and your computer will say it is not recognized
    4)on itunes click restore and it will return to its factory stage

    that simple

  48. Works perfectly. 5 Stars. THANKS!



    I am having problems jailbeaking my iPod Touch 2nd gen. The device is being restored with a 3.0 .ipsw file I found on the internet, which does work. The problem is that the installer stucks at “waiting for reboot” after putting the iPod in DFU-mode.

    Every time I have restored my iPod again, and done the same procedure trying to install Cydia, Icy and none, several times.

    If anyone can give a solution on how to fix this issue, please help. Mark your post with: #rbissue

  50. I dunno what r u ppl talkin about. If u use redsnow 7.1 and follow the 10th instruction u would get it in the 1st go lyk me


    “10. Carefully follow Screen instructions to complete jailbreaking & unlocking process.”

  51. i have succesfully jailbroken my iPod touch 2g with OS 3.0. thanks. i downloaded and then extracted it. you just have to carefully follow the instructions, especially when it comes to that stage that you should hold the power/home button for quite some time. patience guys. :) in my case, everything went perfectly, and i got my cydia installed too. hope you guys be succesful.

  52. did all of the that but there’s a message that says “wait for reboot”, now the ipod is dead it won’t turn back on.!!! help…..

  53. well the new version of itunes deletes old.ipsw files so you can only update to latest version. I found this blog searching for itunes << 9 like your first post link to version 8.2 but its for version 9.xx
    this happens all the time lazy people just post link to software that will change, so its not workable.

  54. my ipod just redsn0w just cant locate the .ipsw file and
    now my ipod could not connect with itunes..
    it message unknown error (0xe80000050d).
    do not know how to do the rest so someone pleeease heelp >.<

    Please contact me at thankss ^^

  55. trying to jailbreak using redsno0w. said watiing for reboot. never happend. now my itouch wont turn on and itunes doesnt recognize it. i was running 2.2.1 wtf is up. any ways to fix????

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