Everything You Should Know About Azure Fundamentals Certification


Azure Fundamentals, or AZ 900, is one of the Microsoft certification courses that many professionals are opting for these days. It is the initial step into the Azure cloud and provides a great learning experience. AZ-900 helps understand the core services, cloud security, privacy, and other fundamentals of Microsoft Azure. This certification is useful for professionals who switch their career paths toward cloud computing. So, here is everything about the exam, from the study preparation guide and exam format to the cost.

What is the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam format?

This foundational level certification helps you understand the basics of Microsoft Azure to become a Microsoft certified professional in this field. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam comprises two sections: a multiple-choice, a single-answer section, and a case study. The first part is worth 58%, and the second is 42%. 

Passing this exam means you have demonstrated your expertise in understanding cloud computing, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and the services they present to end users. You also need to be familiar with cloud technologies’ security risks and mitigation techniques, such as securing access to data stored on public clouds. You should know how to manage hybrid deployments between different clouds. That’s quite a lot for one exam.

How much does Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam cost? 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is available at $99. However, the overall cost can be up to $165. This includes many benefits and features, including a practice test, training kit, and PDF files. The candidate can also opt for an additional Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Voucher at $165 for purchasing the same exam again in the future.

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Benefits of Azure Fundamentals Certification 

This credential is a globally recognized certification that proves an individual has a fundamental knowledge of cloud computing and understands the core services available on the Microsoft Azure platform.

This Microsoft certification training demonstrates to employers that you have developed technical skills and can think critically about cloud computing. It gives a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the cloud domain and bolsters the credibility of your knowledge.

Passing Score of Azure Fundamentals 

You must achieve 700 points to pass this exam. If your score falls short of that mark, it will be deemed unsuccessful. You can view a summary of your results moments after concluding the exam; however, if you want an in-depth analysis with all relevant details — such as overall performance, pass/fail status and bar charts showcasing key areas evaluated during the assessment—you must wait several days before accessing those conclusions.

Retake Policy of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 

If you’re studying for the AZ-900 exam and fail to pass it on your first attempt, you must wait 24 hours before taking it again. If this happens a second time, the delay increases to 14 days. This way, with the maximum effort, put in over 365 days of the year, and you can take only five attempts at passing this exam. Many candidates were apprehensive when they heard about these policies beforehand or during their preparations.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam 

Passing all Microsoft online courses requires extensive preparation and in-depth knowledge of the material. This exam is new, so it’s essential to understand how to prepare for success on examination day. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive guide designed to help you get ready and ace your Microsoft certifications.

  1. Take Online courses
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Participating in an online AZ 900 training course is the best way to prepare for this exam. You can find courses based on this certification through various providers and learning platforms.

  1. Utilize AZ 900 Exam Preparation Resources

Use AZ-900 practice tests to measure your understanding of the material, identify any weak spots and track your progress as you continue studying.

  1. Leverage AZ 900 Study Aid Tools

Take advantage of study aid tools such as flashcards, cheat sheets, and mind maps to improve overall comprehension and quickly recall important concepts when needed.

  1. Take Sample Exams

Sample exams are a great way to familiarize yourself with the AZ 900 format and its content. Take as many sample tests as possible to help you understand the AZ- 900 questions, concepts, and topics covered in the test.

  1. Consolidate your Understanding

To increase your chances of success in the exam, it is important to consolidate your understanding of each topic by doing practice tasks (exercises), reading additional material, or reviewing videos from Microsoft’s official YouTube channel.


If you’re looking to get certified in Azure, this is a great time. The AZ 900 exam covers the basics of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure, making it a perfect entry-level certification for those new to the world of cloud computing. With our study tips, you’ll be able to crack the exam easily. Interested candidates can even go in for the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Azure Fundamentals or AI-900 exam.

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