5 Websites That Make Learning Easy

Students seek new ways to improve their learning process with new tools and methods. From primitive tools like Abacus to web-based education assistants, there was always a need for some kind of help. Nowadays, when they have to learn something new, students try to make the lesson easier to comprehend with AI-driven software solutions. Numerous online platforms provide research assistance and make collaboration easier. Some websites can even help you decide what to learn today based on your college or high school schedule.

If you are looking for ways to make your learning process easier, this article should make your quest less arduous. We’re about to examine several websites that help overcome whatever your teacher might throw at you.

5 Websites That Make Learning Easy

5 Websites for Students

1. Online help services

Writing is a craft that some people never master, no matter how hard they try. Even if a foreign student overcomes the conversational language barrier, for most there’s a problem with presenting written assignments. This is why students that can’t write essays order their work online. However, even if you order essay on time, you have to make sure that your work is authentic and well-written. This is where assignment writing services are of help.

With online writing help services, students can get help with tasks that take too much time. Also, international students don’t have to worry about messing up their work if their language skills are not perfect. For some students, online help services provide relief when there’s too much pressure. Packed curriculums, too many assignments, and short deadlines make studying much harder. With online help, it’s easier to focus on most important tasks.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best-known proofreading tool, but that’s an understatement considering what it can do for you. It’s an AI-driven platform that offers grammar, spelling, and stylistic suggestions to improve your work. Thanks to its advanced development, Grammarly now offers corrections based on the needs and goals of your text. It also considers the context, so there are no random corrections that make no sense.

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Grammarly is an optimal writing assistant in its free version, although it reaches its full potential only in premium mode. The premium version offers detailed stylistic corrections and even a human editor. For those that wish to learn how to write properly, Grammarly is a good way to learn from mistakes.

3. Google Drive

One of the most used Google services with tools that can serve home, business, and academic users in different ways. With loads of free memory space, you could store research information for your university project. Seamless navigation and efficient organization tools allow you to have all the necessary data compiled in order. You won’t lose more time than it takes to find the material you need for work. Google Drive also features writing, presentation, and spreadsheet apps that allow multiuser access.

This means that you can work on collaborative projects on different subjects, starting with math to English language history. Learning is often much easier when you have a tutor or someone more proficient than you to help you out. With Google Drive and similar cloud-based websites, you can work together with people from all over the world on common tasks. This is the perfect solution for students that travel a lot to remote locations or don’t live close to each other.

4. Duolingo

Learning a new language is easy enough for some and represents a true challenge for other people. If you slept through your Spanish classes before and now face issues in higher grades, there’s a solution. Duolingo is a language learning tool available as an app on mobile devices and a browser-based platform for PC users. It’s one of the best examples of how gamification has a positive influence on learning software. Users can choose among a dozen languages which one they wish to learn and on what level.

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What’s great about Duolingo is that it keeps track of your progress so you can always continue where you stopped. Moreover, your progress is linked to your account, which means you can change different devices and still carry on with your language learning sessions. This is perfect for those people who move a lot or change their devices often. Also, Duolingo features a reminder that pops up to prevent missing out on your daily lessons.

5. Scribd

This website started as an academic social network, where publishers from all over the world could share their papers and research materials. Scribd makes learning new things easy thanks to its ever-growing list of documents that users publish and download every day. Although it features over 60 million different documents, it is more than scientific papers host. Scribd also features an inspirational collection of more than a million e-books and audiobooks.

The initial idea behind Scribd was to facilitate the research paper writing process. This means that you can find published documents that will help you with your academic assignments. You can find sources of information for everything from literary essays to research papers on the human genome. It is also a good place to start looking for an e-book or audiobook that you need to read during the holidays.

6. Udemi

This website is the very definition of making learning easy because it allows you to adopt complex knowledge in a short time. Udemy is a website famous for its video courses where experts from all over the world offer their knowledge and ideas to users. Apart from video courses, where students can follow lectures that are already prepared for them, there are other learning materials. Presenters usually create quizzes, short tasks, and similar types of tests. This allows you to evaluate your progress before moving on. If you’re not happy with the result, you can get back to your lecture.

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Moreover, Udemy users often have access to various learning materials that teachers leave for download. These documents consist of materials that add to presented lectures or diverse learning aids such as test projects, quizzes, comparisons, and others. And the greatest trick of all is that for every subject you have dozens and more acclaimed tutors that offer their services. It’s like having your best friend coming over to help you study, instead of this way you end up studying.


Learning is not supposed to be a gruesome endeavor that we ultimately grow to despise. Learning should be a seamless and joyful experience that makes us want to know even more. Learning aids are different now more than ever. With Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence software, students have more options for learning than ever before. There’s no sea too deep or mountain too high to explore and remain safe and sound in the classroom. Research papers, written by experts from another continent are just a click away and free to download.

These pieces of software are but a drop in the sea of potential that different websites hold. It’s up to you to follow the path we laid out for you and find the optimal set of tools for you.



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