Archive, Backup, View & Save iPhone SMS Messages on Mac with Syphone

iPhone SMS

You may need to save & backup your iPhone SMS on computer to make room for new SMS messages as iPhone has limit on number SMS massages can be stored or you simply want to achieve iPhone SMS messages for future references. Unfortunately there is no such feature in Apple iTunes for backing up iphone SMS messages.

However here is freeware third party app Syphone for Mac OS iPhone Users which lets you view, save, and back up your SMS messages with Syphone you can also archive and view SMS conversations, including those that have been deleted from the iPhone.

Syphone uses the familiar iChat format to display archived SMS messages. In addition, if you have multiple iPhones synced to your computer, Syphone allows you to view and archive messages from any of the iPhones.

Features of Syphone iPhone SMS Management Utility

1. View synced iPhone SMS messages on your Macintosh

2. Archive SMS messages

3. Import/export SMS messages

4. View SMS messages offline in an iChat-like interface with selectable colors

5. Open Address Book contacts

6. View the number of sent and received messages for each contact

7. Support multiple iPhones

Screenshot of Syphone iPhone SMS Management Utility

Syphone iPhone SMS Management Utility

Download Syphone iPhone SMS Management Utility for Mac OS

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6 thoughts on “Archive, Backup, View & Save iPhone SMS Messages on Mac with Syphone”

  1. Please note the screenshot is from 2007. That is the last time the software was updated. Does not work with virtually any iphone update in the past year including 3.0.

  2. Sorry but that’s crap. Syphone is no more to use since an earlier upgrade to the iPhone or than the new firmware OS 3.0. Also it seems not possible to use it in Europe.
    What a shame, I seems to be one of the best programm for storaging txt from the iPhone.

  3. Just to comment on this application and your blog (since it has been written pretty recently and not accurately), the software is not able to connect to any 3G iphone software.
    It only works for the iPhones prior to version 3.0 as it can be read in their forums.

    No update is scheduled in near future.

  4. Why in the world was this article written recently? This prog does not work with 3.0 and later. Shame.

  5. How come when i do open syphon nothing appears in the window… i have Lion, unjailbroken iPhone 4 that is connected to my mac and iTunes..?

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