How to Find Out if Someone is Tracking Your Phone

Phone Tracking

With the advancements in technology we see today, the human race has benefited a lot. However, there’s a flip side to every coin, and that comes in the form of the dangers posed by hackers and cybercriminals. These hackers know how to access their victim’s personal information and how to hack a phone without them knowing.

This makes it crucial that you know the signs that point to the fact that a hacker might be secretly monitoring your phone. This article will dive into a few of these signs so that you know what to look out for if you suspect that someone is tracking your phone without your consent.

Key Tips to Detect a Tracker on Your Phone

Your Phone Heats Up a Lot

One of the first things you’ll notice when someone is using a tracker to monitor your phone remotely is that your phone will heat up a lot. Often, this will also happen when your phone is lying unused, which is when it should ring alarm bells in your mind. Do keep in mind that this will often happen if you use your phone for a long time or play graphic-intensive games, but it isn’t supposed to happen at all times.

The reason this happens is that a tracker uploads information from all areas of your phone to an online server, causing it to heat up due to its continuous operation.

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You Notice Suspicious or Strange Applications on Your Phone

If you find any suspicious apps on your phone, you can be certain that someone is tracking your activity. These spyware programs can affect the functioning of your phone. Moreover, you can find that your phone’s screen is not responding properly. These signs will alert you to the presence of a tracking app. If you do not recognize any of the signs mentioned above, you should contact the provider of your phone and seek advice.

Some of the other changes you might notice on your phone is if the location keeps getting turned on even after you’ve turned it off. While this could be because a certain app might be accessing it, keep in mind that any application is supposed to ask you for permission to do so. As a result, if this gets turned on without your approval, you might have a tracker installed on your device.

Given that some of these changes could be the result of viruses or some form of malware, you must install an anti-malware program on your device to routinely scan it and remove any tracker present on it.

Your Data Consumption Sees a Sudden Rise

Another way to check if someone is tracking your phone is by checking the data usage on your phone. Some tracking apps use large amounts of data. If you suspect your phone is being tracked, turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data. Look for any sudden increases in data usage. You can rule out any data-heavy apps by looking at your SIM and data usage. If you’re still suspicious, look into changes in your device’s settings. You can also look for ways to reduce data consumption on your Android phone or iPhone.

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You can check your device’s data consumption by checking for it in its Settings application. This will show you the total data usage for your current cycle, along with how much data each app has consumed individually and in total. If you notice a difference between the total data used and the total of that used by all the apps, this could mean that there’s a hidden tracker that’s also using your internet connection.

Your Phone’s Battery Life Suddenly Decreases

Another sign of tracking is unusually low battery life. If your battery suddenly starts dwindling much faster than usual, it’s time to take your phone in for a repair. While some cell phones do have older batteries, some spying apps use more battery life than others. The lower your battery percentage, the more likely it is that the person is using tracking software on your phone. The more signs you notice, the more likely you are that someone is trying to track your phone. Sometimes, this can also be a side effect of a jailbroken device.

One way to check this sudden decline in your phone’s battery life is to go to the device’s settings. Open the Battery section and see how much screen time you have available. If this seems a lot less than what it was until recently without any significant change in the amount you use your phone, this could be the result of a tracker or a spy app on your smartphone.

In Conclusion

Having a secret tracker on your mobile phone can be incredibly dangerous to your personal, professional, and financial data, and sometimes, also to your safety. As a result, it’s essential that you understand what signs you must look out for if you suspect that someone is tracking your phone without your consent. Resources like CellTrackingApps.com are a great place to find out how tracking applications work and also offer information on the best tools to detect and remove them.

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With the right information, you can ensure the safety of yourself and your family, along with all your personal data.



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