Guide Fix Microsoft Surface Won’t Turn On

Surface Screen Won't Turn On

Is there anything you can do to fix a Surface Pro that won’t turn on?

This is a question that many people ask themselves after experiencing a crash or some other issue with their Surface. This is the worst possible scenario because you don’t know what else to do besides the obvious solution – turning it off and on again. But before you do this, try these tips:

Why Won’t A Microsoft Surface Turn On

Issue with charger

In some cases, the cause of the issue is a faulty or incompatible charger. Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Surface chargers don’t work properly:

– The charger may not be compatible with your Microsoft Surface because it is not a genuine product.

– The charger may be faulty and unable to provide the required power output to charge your device

Try To Turn It On Using Hot-Keys

Sometimes the Surface Pro gets On but there are no indications of whether it has started or not, you cannot identify if the screen is awake or not. In this case, the hotkeys can be the solution. If you are experiencing this with your Surface Pro then hotkeys are your salvation. Some specific hotkeys can wake up your Surface Pro device.

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Step 1: Hold on the Windows Key + Ctrl + Shift + Alphabet “Bkey simultaneously, which will awake your screen.Surface keyboard shortcut to wake up

Step 2: In this case sometimes you are using Microsoft Surface Pro in Tablet Mode, to get rid of it you need to simply tap on Volume Up and Volume Down toggles together at least 3 times and make sure you do it quickly.Surface Pro Volume Button Rocker

You forgot to charge your Microsoft Surface before going to sleep

If your Microsoft Surface doesn’t turn on, it may be because you forgot to charge it before going to sleep. You’ll also have a problem if the battery is completely drained, as the device can still make a noise and show charging lights but won’t actually charge.

If you have a Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book, this may not be the case because these devices offer different power options and will charge up more quickly than the regular device.

Climate Changes:

Sometimes electronic devices act differently in different weathers because it also affects it batteries, and it causes the device to either overheat or freeze. Some devices have a feature that the gadget would shut off as soon as it knows that it is overheating. Check out if your Microsoft Surface has that feature or not.

Fixes for Surface Won’t Turn On

Recharge the battery

The Surface Pro is an excellent device and has a sleek design. However, the battery life is only good for about 3 hours on a full charge. Here is a list of some common fixes for dead batteries and how to re-charge your Surface Pro.

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Few causes of battery failure:

  1. Power cord damage or loose wire – Check the power cord and make sure it is tight. If you are unsure that it is, then get a new cord from the local store nearby.
  2. Overheating – Try closing down all unnecessary programs that may be running in the background, and keep your device away from heat sources for maximum safety and effectiveness.Windows Task Manager

Display Driver Issue

This can be one of the main cause of why your Surface Pro won’t turn on, to do so follow the steps

Step 1: Restart your device by pressing the Power button for 30 seconds, and release and, then press it again till the power is back on it.

Step 2: After the Surface Pro gets ON you might this problem is resolved, but thats not the case. If the display drivers are not updated, you might again face the same issue in the future.

Perform a Soft Reset

A soft reset can help you to turn on your laptop. Sometimes, the device might not turn on because of a software issue. This can also be because it didn’t finish charging properly or because the battery ran out of power during the system update.

If your device is still not working after you’ve tried to reset it, try these steps:

  • – With the power cord plugged in, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. If this doesn’t work, remove the power cord and try again.
  • – Hold both volume buttons down for 10 seconds until you see “Power Off” then let go of both volume buttons at the same time and wait one minute before turning your Surface back on.
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Use keyboard Shortcut

This laptop shortcut is one of the many ways to turn on the Surface Pro with a keyboard shortcut.

Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B  – This laptop shortcut is one of the many ways to turn on the Surface Pro which you can try out.

Contact Microsoft Technical support

Microsoft technical support is a 24-hour, 7 days a week service to help you with your computer issues. They are available through live chat, phone support and email.

If you are having problems with your Surface Pro that won’t turn on or keeps crashing, and you can’t fix it on your own, give them a call at 1800 102 1100.



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