How to Stay Engaged With Basketball Without Visiting The Stadium?


Are you an ardent fan of the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, or Los Angeles Lakers? They are some of the top NBA teams of all time, and millions of people look up to Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, and Paul Pierce for inspiration. Of course, there are also the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, LeBron James, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

If you closely follow basketball and other sports, you already know how difficult it is to make it to the top. The amount of grit, sincerity, and determination needed to become the top players is unimaginable. So, maybe you cannot join the ranks of your favorite NBA basketball players, but at least you enjoyed watching them from afar during live matches. Unfortunately, COVID and its variant, Omicron, seem to have put a dent in those plans since watching live basketball games from the stadium comes with their share of restrictions.

Worry not; you can continue enjoying your favorite sport and stay engaged with basketball more closely than ever, thanks to online basketball games. There is no need to beat the traffic and wear your mask to head to the stadium or even install a shooting hoop in your backyard. All you need is your smartphone and a stable Internet connection. Download the game on your device, sign in or create an account and shoot hoops no matter where you are. Whether you are in the midst of a meeting, standing in line at the bank, or waiting to see the doctor, you can enjoy a quick game of basketball.

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If you’re intrigued and wish to know more, continue reading to get an overview of the game’s rules, scoring, and how to play to win.

Rules, objectives, and scoring system of online basketball games

The game’s objective is simple. Shoot as many successful baskets as you can to score points and beat your opponents. There’s no need to tackle other players to reach the basketball hoop. All you have to do is aim the ball correctly and release it.

The game’s rules are:

  • Two players shoot hoops on the same court, but virtually. Both players can see each other shooting the basket and even view their scores.
  • Both players get a free throw, but the free-throw line isn’t pre-determined, unlike regular basketball games. The line keeps alternating between shots.
  • Eleven boosters are available during the game, and they are all automatically applied. While some boosters give you an advantage, others can prevent you from successfully shooting a basket. You must pay attention to the boosters before shooting the ball.
  • Players are awarded points after every successful basket, and the points are scored depending on the zone. For instance, there are three zones in the game. You will score three points if you have taken your shot from the 3 pt zone. If you are in the 2 pt zone, you’ll score 2 points and so on.

The game lasts for three minutes, and players need to shoot as many baskets as possible within that time. Whichever player scores the highest is declared the winner. The boosters can help multiply your score if you use them wisely. In particular, watch out for the point booster card. When that card is in play, your points will be multiplied automatically.

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How to play online basketball?

The controls of online basketball games are simple. As the game starts, you have to use your finger to drag the ball and set the arc. The arc determines the direction of the ball. Once you are satisfied with your aim, you need to release the ball to shoot.

Ensure to continue slinging hoops until the timer runs out. The only way to score more than your opponent is to make full use of the three minutes of game time.

Tricks to beat your opponent when playing online basketball

  • Don’t take too long to shoot hoops because the game is time-based. You only have three minutes to score as many points as possible. So, don’t waste time.
  • Play a lot of practice games to perfect your aiming. Since you cannot waste time aiming and shooting hoops, it is best to master it first and then partake in tournaments and multiplayer contests.
  • Aim to score the perfect basket continuously and keep an eye out for the ball’s position. You cannot shoot from the same position because the ball’s position changes throughout the game. So, if your first shot was from the 3 pt zone, you cannot comfortably settle there for your next shot as well. It might be that the position has changed, and you need to re-position the ball.
  • You can see your opponent’s score on your game screen. After each shot, see what your opponent has scored so you can accordingly plan your next shot. If you are way ahead of your opponent, you might want to slow down and aim and shoot the basket properly. However, you have to take risks if your opponent is quickly catching up or you are lagging.
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The stadium is not the only place to enjoy and engage with basketball. Also, you don’t need to head to the basketball court if you don’t feel like it. You can shoot hoops whenever and at any time by tapping on your phone’s screen. Play basketball online, and there’s the opportunity to win tempting rewards.



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