Recover Damaged/Corrupted .docx Office 2007 Word Files

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Office word documents are now life line for many users, we simply can’t afford to lose our most important Microsoft documents but certain circumstances can’t be avoided like crashing of your windows OS, power cut or damage to computer hardware which may corrupt or damage your Office .Doc & .Docx Files.

Here is small utility Damageddocx2txt which may come handy when you need to recover damaged Office Word 2007 docx documents & files. Damageddocx2txt lets you to extract text from damaged/corrupted Office Word 2007 files where Word 2007 fails.

Screenshot of Damageddocx2txt in Action


In order to use Damageddocx2txt .Net Framework 2 must be installed on your computer

Download Damageddocx2txt & Recover Damaged/Corrupted .Docx Office Word 2007 files.

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1 thought on “Recover Damaged/Corrupted .docx Office 2007 Word Files”

  1. I just open them with Winrar or 7-Zip since .docx files are nothing else the .zip files with renamed extension.
    Then going to the folder WORD inside it and opening document.xml you can extract the text also going to WORD\MEDIA you can recover images.
    BTW you can also remove protection from protected word documents by opening the document.xml and search/remove a similar entrance:

    Then save it and zip the files but with .docx extension and your good to go!

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