Subscene Alternatives (Best Subtitles Websites)


Best Subscene Alternatives

Not able to access Subscene.com? Looking for best Subscene Alternative? . Then, you are at right place. We got you covered for all your subtitles related needs. In this article you will find 16 best subtitles websites, a perfect subscene alternative for you. 

What is the format of the Subtitles?

There are various types of format of subtitles. The importance of the format file depends upon the platform. Most of the platforms use the common file format, that is .srt. However, Youtube and Vimeo have the subtitle format that is WebTT format.

What is Subscene?

Subscene is a community-driven website. It provides the best quality of subtitle content for all Web series, Films, TV-Series, Music Videos, Online Videos, and many more. The database of the Subscene is very large. Subtitles are to be added for all popular movies and TV shows on a daily basis. You can filter out any video without any hassle.

On Subscene you can find subtitles in many languages like Arabic, English, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Farsi/Persian, Spanish, and many more. They are still improving their content and also providing variation in different language types.

Features of Subscene

  • Users can watch subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Subtitles can be visible on the user request.
  • If the user finds any mistake, then the user can edit the subtitle.

What is the reason behind being unable to access Subscene?

The reason behind you’re not able to access Subscene is, it could down or blocked by your ISP.

Is the Subscene down?

The best way to find if Subscene.com is up or down, head over to https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ and punch the url and check what it says. If its down, then you can wait and try after sometime. Else use the following substitle offering websites as an alternative to Subscene.com

Is Subscene Blocked?

Due to online piracy of movies and other copyrighted content, many ISP has been activity blocking access to Subscene. Also, subtitles often falls into copyright content and not allowed to be distributed online without the permission of owners. In this case you can either use Subscene alternatives or use VPN and proxies to unblock subsence.com

Check the following alternatives to Subscene aka best subtitles websites.

Best Subscene Alternative To Download Subtitles.


1. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles

YIFY subtitle is the best downloading subtitle website. This website is available in dark and clean mode. You use any mode as per your requirements. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here


  • There will be no advertisement watch or face by the user. Its subtitles are completely free.
  • You can choose your movies according to your own choice.
  • It allows you to download movies and TV shows with all subtitles and see the year and rating of movies.
  • You can explore English subtitles without any registration.

2. OpenSubtitles


OpenSubtitlesOpenSubtitles is a wonderful website that is placed on the internet. This website is available in various language options: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, etc. All the subtitles are to be downloaded from the SRT platform. With the help of your search tool, it enables your filter. You can also customize according to country, year, type, season, or episode in the search.  For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.


  • It helps to find your subtitles of the required or search movie and TV series.
  • Subtitles are optional. If you want to see the subtitles, then only they are visible. If not, then these are disappearing.
  • With the help of the English, Subtitle can be downloaded with the help of drag and drop movie files.
  • You can set all the settings according to your requirements.
  • Not only can you download, but you can also upload the subtitles of the movie.
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3. Podnapisi


Podnapisi is the best website to download only English subtitles. You can get subtitles in the English language only. You can also download the subtitles in the English language only. You can only apply the filter for the search of subtitles as a movie type, Keywords, years, and other different categories using the help of an advanced search engine. It also allows you to watch all recent

videos with the help of SRT subtitles, and you can also see the most popular downloads. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here. Now, check out a few features of Podnapisi that are given below.

Features of Podnapisi

  • Almost all TV shows and movies subtitles are to be found over here in multiple languages.
  • There are more than 6000 TV Shows and more than 58000 latest movie subtitles.
  • The interface is so user-friendly that it shows a list of all recent videos with subtitles and the most popular subtitles downloads.
  • You can check all the subtitles before downloading them. This can only be feasible due to preview options.
  • Not allowed to download only, but it allows all users to upload the Subtitles.
  • All subtitles are to be uploaded along with the rating.

4. Subs4free


Subs4free is the best subtitle providing website in which you can download the subtitles. This platform is only for movies and almost all TV shows. You will get to download subtitles of all popular movies and TV shows. It has an advanced feature that enables you to see top subtitles with detailed resolution. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of Subs4free

  • Users can see subtitles of all popular TV shows and movies in two languages, such as Greek and English.
  • All the most watched and popular TV series are present on the top.
  • This English subtitle downloading site enables you to view currently uploaded subtitles.

5. BollyNook


BollyNook is a website that helps to download movie subtitles only. This is the only website that allows users to download the subtitles for the movies only. Users can go through to watch subtitles in different languages such as English, Dutch, French, Arabic, etc. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Feature Image

  • With the help of BollyNook, you can easily upload and download the subtitles.
  • Users can filter out the subtitles by year, frame, and more.
  • The best part of BollyNook is the website that allows you to search for the lyrics transactions.
  • BollyNook also provided a Bollywood news URL link as a news blog.
  • You will get complete information and details about all celebrities.

6. English Subtitles

English Subtitles

English subtitles are the backbone of all movie subtitles. Its User interface is very advanced and easy to use. You can go for the different modes that are present on the website. You can choose Dark mode, or you can go for light mode. Its search appearance bar is very easy to search. Users just need to add the title of the move or name if it is popular or it is present in the English Subtitles database. Then it will pop out at the time of the search. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

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  • You can save files of any movie subtitles on your device.
  • We can say that this is an open subtitle download website. You will get all the latest added subtitles related to the movie.
  • If you need to change or edit the subtitle according to your understanding, then you can go for that.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • SRT helps you to download easy English film subtitles.

7. Subtitles.hr


Subtitles.hr is a website for downloading the subtitles of all English movies. Users can browse the movies very easily in Subtitles. hr. You can choose and download your subtitles in various variations of the language. It allows you to see the year and date of the subtitles. Check out the features that are given below. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of the Subtitles.hr

  • Its search box is very different. You can search by just adding any specific character also.
  • This subtitles downloading website helps you to provide the latest uploader things on the top of the home page.
  • Its User interface is so simple and very easy to use for beginner or first-time visitors.

8. Subdl


The Subdl database is very large and strong. The collection of all old and well as latest movie subtitles is present in its database. Its search bar is very easy to use and provides a quick search list related to the keyword entered in the search bar. Its subtitle of all movies is to be based on the type of video that is released. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.


  • Users are able to download the subtitles in different languages such as English, Dutch, Italian, French, etc.
  • You can choose at least 4 languages to filter out the subtitle SRT download.
  • The unique thing that differs from other sites is that the user will get a different or separate section of the subtitles according to the timestamps.

9. TVSubs


TVSubs is the oldest subtitle downloading website. Its database is very massive. You can download subtitles in many different languages. All subtitles are to be stored with the help of Winzip. Users were able to download all the subtitles of TV shows and movies. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of the TVSubs

  • You can get subtitles of all the latest movies or most downloaded subtitles on the top of the home page.
  • With the help of a filter, you can choose subtitle language as per your preference.
  • Users can also watch the subtitles’ complete static-like total downloads, month, week, and day.

10. SubtitleHub


Users can download the subtitles of all latest and old movies or TV shows without any difficulties. You will get an advanced search option over the SubtitleHub website. In that, you will get an advanced search option. So, you can filter out all movies and TV shows based on the basics of the year and the current week. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of the SubtitleHub

  • It contains a large database of subtitles.
  • Allows you to view country-specific downloaded subtitles.
  • You can download all subtitles for free.
  • You can request your own subtitles.
  • This subtitle download website is available in Dutch, English, and other languages.

11. TVsubtitles.net


TVsubtitles.net is a subtitle-providing website in that users can visit and download the subtitles as per the movie. Users need to apply less effort to download the subtitles because there are two categories of subtitles. TV shows fall under different categories, and Movies fall under different categories. Users will get subtitles in multiple languages such as English, German, Russian, French, Greek, and more. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

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Features of the TVsubtitles.net

  • If the user downloads the subtitle, then these will get in zip file format.
  • On side by side, users can stream any video with subtitles in HD.
  • As per the interface of the website, it is very easy to download the latest added subtitle or latest movie launched subtitle.
  • If you need to change the subtitle, then you can also edit that.

12. Addic7ed


Addic7ed is another alternative for Subscene. It is free and trustworthy. All features present in the Addic7ed are similar to the Subscene. It also contains dark mode and light mode. This website is designed on native UI. Users can use Addic7ed to download both movies and TV shows. There are 18 different language subtitles present on the Addic7ed. Now have a look at the features of the Addic7ed. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of the Addic7ed

  • This website is designed on the latest technology that is a Native user interface.
  • Its interface is very friendly and easy to use for beginners as well as new visitors.
  • Users can download subtitles in 18 different languages.

13. SubDownloader


The SubDownloader website is designed so that if you don’t like complications, you must go and use this website to download all the latest movies and TV shows with subtitles. Unlike other subtitle sites present in this article, SubDownloader automatically searches and downloads subtitles for movies. This is the perfect and best alternative to Subscene. Discuss some features of SubDownloader below. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Feature of the SubDownloader

  • No extra ads are visible on the screen.
  • It is spy free, and zero cost is to pay while using the SubDownloader.
  • There are more than 50 languages with subtitles present in their database of all TV shows and the latest movies.
  • You can download its file on any device such as Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

14. SubiT


SubiT is a free and open-source website. While using SubiT you can use and download all subtitles for your all favorite and latest movies. Not only movies, but you can also go for the series. Users can launch the SubiT directly and just enter the name of the movie and then download the subtitle. Have a look at the features of the SubiT that are given below.  For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of the SubiT

  • Users can use it free of cost.
  • It is basically used for downloading all movies and series subtitles.
  • The latest update of SubiT was done in March 2018. But still, many users are using this.
  • You can get almost all old movies and series subtitles on SubiT because it is not updated.

15. Megasubtitles


If you are looking for the next upcoming and most trustable website for downloading the subtitles, then Megasubtitles is the name that comes into almost any user’s mind. In a short time period, this is the most popular subtitle website. The reason behind that is the user interface is very basic, and it is built on the latest technology. Now enhance its features that are given below.  For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

16. Open Subtitles Flix tools

Open Subtitles Flix Tools

Open Subtitles Flix tools is a website used to download subtitles from the official website of Open Subtitles Flix tools that is OpenSubtitles.org. This will allow all the users to download multiple subtitle files, And you can search for the subtitles file using IMDB IDs, with the help of these, it is going to synchronize subtitles. For more information, you can reach out by clicking here.

Features of the Open Subtitles Flix tools

  • This tool is only for macOS devices.
  • It can convert your video automatically into iTunes format.
  • All the subtitles and metadata, cover art, and stuff with the iTunes library video store.

Bottom Line

We hope you find this list of alternatives to Subscene useful. All the alternatives that are described above are the best and perfect solutions to resolve your issue related to the subtitle. You can choose any website that will help get the subtitles related to your movies.



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