Fix/Repair Damaged iTunes Library with iTunes Library Repair

iTunes LogoEven though Apple iTunes is know as bloatware application still it has been used by millions of users around the world. Apple iTunes is definitely best music organizer & media Player for Windows & Mac Operating System. The key useful features of iTunes are ability to connect to Apple iTunes Store and manage your iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can organize Audio & Video into iTunes Library which is sort of database for iTunes. Two iTunes library files are created and maintained by iTunes for different purposes. They’re both in the iTunes folder. However due to several reason like upgrading iTunes version or moving of files may result in corruption of iTunes Library.

Here is useful java based platform independent tool iTunes Library Repair to repair the iTunes library, if files have been moved or renamed. You just need to provide location of iTunes library (.itl) file & location of your music folder.

Screenshot of iTunes Library Repair Beta 5

iTunes Library Repair Beta 5

In order to use iTunes Library Repair you must have installed JRE on your machine.

Download iTunes Library Repair Beta 5

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