Upload Images to TinyPic & ImageShack From Desktop with TinyPicUploader

TinyPicUploaderEvery now and then we need to share images with friends and best way to share it by uploading on image sharing website like tinypic.com & imageshack.com if its not private images. If you need to share images in bulk then manually uploading images to these websites could be time consuming.

Here is Tinypic / Imageshack Uploader a desktop application for uploading images on Imageshack.com & TinyPic.com. With TinyPicUploader you can easily upload pictures without having to go to websites. You can also enable shell integration to simply right-click the file and select “Send to TinyPic/Imageshack” and it will automatically run the program and start uploading.

Screenshot of Tinypic / Imageshack Uploader 1.52

Tinypic ImagesShack Uploader

Tinypic ImagesShack Uploader in Action

Send to Tinypic Context Menu

Download Tinypic / Imageshack Uploader 1.52 (TinyPicUploader) to Upload & Share Images Right from Desktop.

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