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Game Localization

If you belong to those developers who would like to reach out to the global audience and explore the foreign video games market, it is high time to learn more about localization. Unlike the most typical translation of documents, game localization represents a kind of adjustment where you are not only translating the content but focus on GUI aspects, tiny menu elements, helpful tips, graphic elements, and even complex voice-over work. The large video game developers even invite famous actors to do this kind of localization, which is why it is vital to find out how it works and create a concept to follow.

  • Getting Your Game Ready. The most important part is getting your game content ready, which also includes a preliminary analysis of all the things that have to be translated. The safest bet is to take time and learn how to prepare your game for localization. Do not forget to let the localization specialist actually play the game and understand how it works and what aspects make it special. Discuss things and see how you can save some time or what factors must be considered first regarding the code or the GUI limitations.
  • The Overtranslation Aspect. One of the most frequent mistakes that video game developers make during localization is getting things over-translated, which means that some parts of the global gaming slang should be left the way they are. It usually relates to computer terms or the famous phrases used by the character. Of course, if you have a great cultural alternative that is used locally by gamers in a foreign country, it is quite a different matter! Still, make sure to check things twice and always see if it makes sense!
  • Translation of Your Game Manuals. Regardless if you are dealing with the primary tips that help the players, it is important to provide at least a basic manual for your game that will explain how it works and list the technical requirements. It will make things look more professional. You should also think about the translation of the legal documents to avoid any copyright issues and attract foreign investors who can sponsor your game. Think about the top translation websites to find a certified specialist who can assist you in this regard. As for the translation of your video game manuals, make sure to implement them as in-game tips or small popup windows. It will make your game even more beneficial in terms of localization and recognition abroad.
  • The Cultural Aspect. The most challenging aspect of game localization is keeping within the cultural points. If you are planning to enter the Asian video games market, you should consider the basic rules and the cultural or even religious limitations as you advertise your game. It relates to the phrases and the graphic elements that may be unacceptable. Some things may be impossible to edit as you provide localization. Yet, you can create a separate version of the video game for a particular country. It may require more time and additional work. But it will always pay off as your game will meet the rules and will not have any negative press coverage.
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Become a Part of The Local Scene

As we know, video games are always more than just a successful product that people enjoy since it is already a part of the culture and the way of life. Starting with the likes of Minecraft to the action-packed Call of Duty, people already approach it as something that relates to culture and includes memorabilia, competitions, and different campaigns. Even if you are only a small developer, it is vital to take the same approach by letting your game be an essential part of both local and foreign cultures. It is exactly the point of a successful localization – to let your message be heard while making every cultural point considered.


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