Do Students Use Gadgets Too Much? 11 Pros & Cons of External Help

According to stats, students spend an average of 7+ hours on their smartphones and other gadgets every day. These numbers would’ve sounded terrifying if not for one thing. Although young people certainly spend lots of this time on social media, games, and pointless web surfing, they also use their gadgets to study.
How do students benefit from using gadgets? How can this help them perform better at schools and colleges? And, most importantly, do the benefits justify the time you spend on gadgets? In this article, we are going to find the answers to all of the above-mentioned questions. Let’s dive in!


How Do Electronic Devices Help Students Succeed?

In the 21st century, all sorts of technology-driven devices have deeply rooted in our everyday lives. We use technology to make our lives simpler. Similarly, it can be used to ease your studies.

Typically, there are a few core ways in which gadgets can help young people study better. Namely, with such help, you can:

  • Research lots of information
  • Collaborate with other students online
  • Receive instant feedback from the class and teacher
  • Find tons of helpful resources and tools
  • And much more
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And then, there is also another type of external help that became possible thanks to technology and the Internet. Today, each of you can find a reliable essay helper at numerous services like Essayhub . With such services, handling homework is no longer as stressful, time-consuming, and difficult as it used to be.


Online External Help: Top Pros and Cons

As was already mentioned, academic help services can help you handle your tasks easier. But what other benefits do they give you? And are there any pros to it? Let’s sort this out by looking at some of the most significant (and maybe less obvious) advantages and disadvantages of using online help:

Con: Hard to Find a Reliable Service

Probably the biggest disadvantage is that today there are too many of such services, which makes it really hard to find the one you can trust. Needless to say that if you make the wrong choice, the consequences can be pretty unpleasant.

Pro: There Are Many Reviewing Platforms that Help Make a Wise Choice

Although finding a reliable helper isn’t easy, it can get much simpler if you know where to look for advice. At https://nocramming.com/essayhub-review, you can find honest and unbiased EssayHub reviews, as well as reviews on many other popular services. With this site, making the right choice is easy!

Con: It Costs Money

Of course, you will have to pay for professional assistance. This is a big disadvantage for students, who are living on a tight budget.

Pro: Pocket-Friendly Rates & Many Free Features

Although getting external help isn’t free of charge, if you choose a reliable assistant, you will be able to enjoy affordable prices. Besides, the best writing services also offer plenty of free features and bonuses. For example, at EssayHub you can even find a handy blog with dozens of handy tips and how-tos.

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Con: You Can Be Accused of Cheating

Many people believe that getting external help is the same as cheating, which means that they may accuse you of it.

Pro: Zero Plagiarism & Anonymity

To dispel your concerns regarding cheating, we have to say that the best academic resources guarantee zero plagiarism and full confidentiality. This basically means that no one will ever learn that you’ve used online assistance.

Con: You’ll Still Have to Learn the Topic

If the key reason why you resorted to online writing service is the lack of knowledge or understanding of a particular topic, the bad news is that you will still need to learn it. The topics provided within your curriculum are tightly bound. Besides, you may face the same topic during an exam.

Pro: Such Services Help to Grasp the Topic Easier

Getting a well-structured and well-researched piece from a professional writer, you get a chance to understand a complex topic. Many students who use online help claim that it actually helped them to study better in the long run because professionally written papers make it easier to understand complex concepts.

Pro: You Will Not Miss a Deadline

One of the hardest parts about academic assignments is that you get assigned with too many of those to manage to submit them all in time. This is the most common reason why students decide to seek assistance. They simply can’t finish their tasks before the deadline. However, professional writing services solve this problem as they always deliver your orders right in time!

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Pro: You Will Get More Free Time

All students know what it feels to lack time for literally everything. Due to the high workload at colleges, young people are forced to devote 100% of their time and energy to studying. So, they barely have time for anything else. And often, even if you are really good at managing your time, this is simply not enough to keep up with everything.

This might not be a problem if you’ve got nothing going on except your college stuff. But, it becomes a real issue when you have other important things to do such as a job, sports, or other personal matters. That’s when external help can really come in handy. By delegating your tasks to professionals, you get plenty of time to focus on what matters.

Pro: A Chance to Boost Your Grades

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of using external assistance with your studies is that this way you can significantly boost your grades and overall academic performance. If you pick a reliable service, you will get A-worthy papers right when you need it!

The Bottom Line

So, do students really use gadgets too much? The answer is both yes and no. Of course, there is a negative side to the excessive use of technology. However, at the same time, there are as well quite a few benefits.

Based on everything we’ve discussed in this article, it is fair to say that resorting to external help has more pros than cons.



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