Customize Google Chrome New Tab Page with CustomNewTab Extension

Google Chrome New Tab PageMany Firefox users didn’t want to switch to Google Chrome because of unavailability of Firefox like add-ons and Extension but soon this reason will vanish as announcement of Google Chrome Extension support was made at the end of April and today we already have few working extensions of Google Chrome.

You can download Google Chrome extension like Gmail Checker & Subscribe in Google Reader from official Chromium website. Here is another Google Chrome Extension CustomNewTab which lets you to customize Google Chrome New Tab page.

We have absolutely no control over what is to be shown on New Tab page of Google Chrome and CustomNewTab Extension is specifically designed to address that issue. CustomNewTab is a Chrome extension fully compatible with Chrome

Features of CustomNewTab Google Chrome Extension

1. Hide/show specific sections of the new tab page

2. Use another web page as the default new tab page

3. Display another page inside your new tab page

4. Easy to use user interface for customization

Google Extension CustomNewTab Dashboard

Download CustomNewTab Google Chrome Extension

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2 thoughts on “Customize Google Chrome New Tab Page with CustomNewTab Extension”

  1. As a writer at Chrome Plugins, I would really like it that you add the credits of the creator to the post (“Extension created by Kyrax”).

  2. Hello and thanks for the post…..I just came across it!!!
    Do you know a way to set a default page when I hit new tab?

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