Microsoft Office 2010 New Screenshots Surfaced

Microsoft Office 2010 LogoAfter Windows 7 the next big buzz from Microsoft is Office 2010. In past Office 2010 is also referred as Office 14/Grava and Office System 2009 but still its unclear what will be the name of next Microsoft office release. We had reported about first screenshots of of office 14 and Software roadmap details back in January, 2009.

After silence of around two month once again a new set of Office 14 screenshots are surfaced on internet reported by Neowin. As per Neowin Office 14 aka Office 2010 is in closed testing and public beta can be expected later this year.

Screenshots of Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 About

Microsoft Office 2010 Word Splash

Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook

Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook Voicemail

Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook Options

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7 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2010 New Screenshots Surfaced”

  1. i hope the 2010 has a more confusing layout than 2007…

    …psst…openoffice is better and free…shhh

  2. We don’t know where we’re heading to now, we’re getting more confused like Office 2007

  3. Hope this will be cheaper and more effective than any other office products. If not then it will be a crap tool.

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