Uninstall & Remove Windows XP Updates With Windows Update Remover

Remove All Windows UpdatesMost the users have Windows XP Automatic Updates turn on, meaning when ever any new update is available for windows xp it will be downloaded and automatically gets installed on your Windows XP. Often after your windows XP is updated with latest hot fix, security updates or cumulative updates a random errors may start appearing, one or more device stop working or one or more software stops working.

The only solution to above random errors is to remove any newly installed updates as well as backup files created by that update. You may use Add Remove option from control panel to remove updates but here is more convenient way to uninstall & remove windows XP updates, A tiny freeware utility Windows Update Remover.

Windows Update Remover is freeware tool which lists all installed updates on your windows xp as well as option to remove backup folder created by these updates and completely uninstall & remove installed updates.

With Windows XP Update Remover you easily remove the $NtUninstall backup folders and associated uninstall information from your computer to save disk space

Screenshot Windows Update Remover

Windows Update Remover

Download Windows Update Remover to uninstall & Remove All installed Windows XP Updates.

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2 thoughts on “Uninstall & Remove Windows XP Updates With Windows Update Remover”

  1. I never thought that there would be a tool which can list out the updates and we can choose and remove the updates.

    I thought it was irreversible.

    Thanks for this…

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