Best Rapidshare Download Manager Rapidshare Plus 4.0 Released

Rapidshare Plus 4.0 LogoRapidshare plus is one of popular Rapidshare Download Manager from alien333, this was the first rapidshare download manager which we had reviewed here. Another useful tool developed by alien33 is rapidshare premium account checker to check long list of rapidshare username and passwords.

A latest version of rapidshare plus 4.0 is released by aline333, this time rapidshare plus 4.0 has been loaded with several new features as well as options to auto execute, balloon notifications, scheduler, hide in system tray, download with other download manager etc.

Screenshot of Rapidshare Plus 4.0 Best Rapidshare Download Manager

Rapidshare Plus 4.0

Download Rapidshare Plus 4.0 and automate the downloading from rapidshare.

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5 thoughts on “Best Rapidshare Download Manager Rapidshare Plus 4.0 Released”

  1. Let me know the specialty about this download manager – speed, connections,etc. My choice is IDM, even though it is little costlier, it has its own advantages and is able to download from sites like Rapidshare -Jkwebtalks

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