Download Google Chrome for Ubuntu Linux (Pre-Alpha Chromium Build)

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Google chrome popularity has been increasing day by day even though it is only available for Windows and Users are eagerly waiting for Google chrome to be made available for Mac and Linux. We have already reported about screenshots of Google Chrome for Mac OS X. and now here is good news for Linux users.

A Working Pre alpha build of chromium browser for Linux is available in PPA repository, chromium is open source engine behind google chrome. Chromium for Linux has GTK based interface which looks and work like windows interfaces.

Being in Pre Alpha build, chromium for Linux missing many features like bookmarks manager, tab etc. however like google chrome, chromium too renders each website in its own process which can be killed separately

Screenshot of Pre–Alpha Build Chromium for Linux

Chromium For Linux Ubuntu

Run following command to Install Chromium package on Ubuntu

Sudo apt install chromium-browser

PPA for Ubuntu Chromium Daily Builds maintains Ubuntu daily builds of the Chromium browser which is maintained by a bot, so it contains completely untested builds.


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3 thoughts on “Download Google Chrome for Ubuntu Linux (Pre-Alpha Chromium Build)”

  1. I’m sorry to tell you this but the installation instructions in your article don’t work.

    1. There is no Linux command called “Sudo”. It should be “sudo” with a lower case “s”. Linux commands are case sensitive.

    2. There is no command called “apt”. The command is “apt-get”.

    3. Even then, it still will not work unless you FIRSTLY add the repository to your “/etc/apt/sources-list”

    For people who were as confused by the mistakes in this article as I was, the correct way to install Chromium on Ubuntu can be found (in the form of a step-by-step guide) here:-

    More detailed instructions can be found here:-

    I hope this helps someone. Best wishes.

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