Google’s Color Enhancer for Chrome is exclusively Designed for Color Blind Users

Red, Green and Blue are the primary colors of any object in this world, but Color Blind people cannot see either one of them or a combination of these colors. Google’s Color Enhancer extension for Chrome, let the color blind users to customize the colors in web pages to improve their browsing experience. Since we have different types of color blindness, the extension provides separate customizing options for red, green and blue. So, any type of color blind user can easily customize the color of web pages according to them.


Google’s Color Enhancer is free to download from the Chrome Web Store. After you install the extension, the app will be available on the top menu bar. Click that icon and you will see a drop down window as shown in the screenshot above. To start with the app, click the Enable Check box in that window.


As soon as you click the Enable checkbox, you will see a setup window as shown in the screenshot above. There will be three rows with stars, divided into seven columns. Even if you don’t know what type of color blindness you have, you can still customize using the extension. In the Setup window, identify the row, where you cannot see the stars or it is blurred. Select that row and adjust the slider until you see the stars clearly.


After you can see all the stars clearly in each row, press OK and proceed further. Now, you can see the color of web pages have been changed. Every time, you don’t have to go to the Setup window to adjust the colors. Just click the Color Enhancer icon, the Slider will be available in that drop down window. You can adjust the colors as you browse.

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Color Enhancer is an excellent extension for Color Blind users to give a comfortable browsing experience. Share this article with your friends in social networks to help the color blind users. Thank for reading. Have a great day!



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