Spaces is an Efficient Tab Managing Extension for Chrome

Compared to all the other leading browsers, Chrome uses lots of memory and resources from our computer. In return, we get quick loading web pages and some of the necessary plugins by default. Apart from the default memory consumption, adding unnecessary extensions and having more unused tabs, will definitely bring down the performance of your browser. So, if Chrome is your primary browser, it is important to manage tabs and other add-ons.


There are plenty of add-ons available for Chrome, to automate the tab managing process. Recently, I wrote about The Great Suspender, which will suspend the unused tabs automatically. Today I’ve come with another interesting extension called “Spaces”, which lets you save multiple tabs as Spaces and manage them easily.

How To Manage Tabs in Chrome

Spaces is a simple tab managing extension for Chrome. You can download the app from the chrome web store using the link below. Once you complete the installation, you will see the “Spaces” icon near to your URL bar. Click that and it will open a drop down window as shown in the screenshot below. In that window, click the pen shaped icon at the top right corner, to access the Settings of the application.


In the Settings window, you can see the currently opened windows as different “Spaces” in the left panel. Each Space will have the list of “Active Tabs” and the “Recently Closed Tabs” for that particular window. If you want to save that window, click the pen shaped icon at the top, assign a name and save that window. Also, you can download that space and later import that into your browser.

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The app lets you assign Keyboard Shortcuts to quickly access the different options on the extension. The Hot Keys option will be available on the home page drop down window. Hot Keys can be used to quickly switch between spaces and lets you move the current tab to a different space.


If you are looking for an app to manage tabs in your browser, then Spaces is worth giving a try. What do you think about the app? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Spaces for Chrome



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