New Adblock Plus Browser lets you Surf without Annonying Ads on Android

Adblock Plus is one of the popular ad blocking extensions for all the leading browsers. There are plenty of alternatives available on the internet, but Adblock’s unique privacy protection technique makes it stands out of the crowd. Apart from blocking ads, it disables some of the annoying features on Facebook to improve your browsing experience.


Adblock Plus is also available for Android. It is not officially available on the Play store, but you can download the app from their website. As a next step, Adblock launched the beta version of their own browser to surf without ads on the Internet. It cannot be directly downloaded from the PlayStore, first you’ve to join the Google+ beta testing community and then you can download the app.


It is a Firefox based browser with the ad blocking feature enabled by default. Since ads are one of the important sources of income for most of the website on the Internet, the browser will display ads from the websites registered on acceptable ads. These ads will be non-intrusive and will not affect your readability on the browser. All the other malicious links, adwares and spams will be blocked by default.


The built-in Firefox technology will significantly reduce the data usage and use very less battery and memory on your device. If you browse mostly on your Android device, then the new Adblock Plus Browser is worth giving a try. It offers a clean and clutter free browsing in full screen. Try this app on your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments.

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Download Adblock Plus Browser for Android



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