Camera51: A Smarter Camera App for Android and iOS Devices

Smartphone cameras have become much smarter than most of the digital cameras out there. iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S6 are the best examples of that. Apart from the camera hardware, a good picture depends on various other factors like Composition, Lighting, Exposure, etc.. Since everyone cannot understand all these things, a simple guidance while shooting an image will help them take a good picture.

Camera51 is one such app for Smartphones, which gives an on-screen guidance to compose a perfect shot. It quickly analyzes the scene and suggest you a right angle to take the shot. Here’s how it works.

How To Take Best Pictures with iPhone and Android

Camera51 is a free application, available for Android and iOS devices. Once you complete the installation, it will take you to the Camera window as shown in the screenshot below. In the live screen, you can see a phone shaped icon in the middle. Now point the camera to your subject and wait for a second. The Camera51 app will quickly analyze the angle, lighting, etc., and suggest you a right position to compose your shot.


All you have to do is just move your camera to the “Aim Box” it shows on the screen. It works with, both front and rear cameras. So, when you take a selfie with your friends, you can shoot a nice picture with the help of this application. Camera51 will also work when you are shooting a video. It tries to keep the focus on the subject and quickly re-compose the shot as you move your Smartphone.


Similar to other camera apps, there will be Gallery, Camera and Video Mode and Front and Rear camera toggle button will be available at the bottom of the Window. Above that panel, you can see a menu button (three dots) on the screen, which will let you tweak more settings on the application. You can change the image size, video resolution, share images to different social networks and do much more with the help of those settings.

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If you shoot mostly in Auto mode and looking for a good camera app, then Camera51 is worth giving a shot. Try this in your Smartphone and Tablets and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Camera51 for Android

Download Camera51 for iOS



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