GIFGrabber for Mac Converts your Screen Recordings into GIF Animations

GIF is definitely one of the most loved image formats on the Internet. Plenty of funny reactions and videos have been transformed into GIF images and shared in different social social networks and messengers everyday. Recently, I wrote about GIPHY, an excellent add-on for Facebook Messenger, which lets you share funny GIF images, while you are chatting with your friends. Today, I’ve come with another interesting tool for Mac, called “GIF Grabber”, which lets you convert your screen recordings into GIF images in a very simple way. Here’s how it works.

How To Make Animated GIF on Mac OS X

GifGrabber, is a free application for Mac and you can download it from Mac App Store using the link below. It’s a very small application and the installation will be pretty quick. Once you complete the installation process, you will see a green screen capture window along with a sniper scope in the middle. You can move that window to any part of your screen and start recording the video. It lets you create a video for maximum of 30 seconds and all the captures will be saved automatically.


The GIF Grabber icon will be available on your Mac’s top menu bar as shown in the screenshot below. All the recently captured videos will be available in that window. You can change the Video Framerate from Standard to HD and Extra HD using the “Capture options” at the bottom of the window.


There is an inbuilt GIF Viewer available in the app to play and review the recorded videos. At the bottom of the Window, you have options to choose the GIF size and resolution, Trim the video and create a Public URL to share the GIF image on the Internet. When you click the “Get URL” button in that window, the app will automatically upload the video to its server and give you a URL to share the GIF image.

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If you are a GIF lover and want to create GIF images on your own, then GIF Grabber is worth giving a try. Also, share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download GIF Grabber for Mac OS X



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