Facebook Hello: A New True Caller Alternative for Android Devices

True Caller is one of the popular apps exclusively designed for managing calls on your Smartphone. It will quickly fetch all the possible information of the caller, immediately when the call lands on your mobile. Facebook followed the footsteps of the True Caller and developed its own Dialer & Caller ID app called “Hello” for Android devices.

Unlike True caller, Hello will fetch the information from Facebook and show you all his/her profile details, when you receive a call. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the new app from Facebook.

Hello Dialer & Caller ID 

Facebook Hello comes with its own Dialer app, which can be used as a replacement for the default “Dialer” on your device. As soon as you complete the installation, the app will ask you to connect your Facebook account. Once the connection process is complete, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot below.

There will be Call log, Dialer, Contacts and Settings options available below the search box. Similar to the default dialer app, you can search both Facebook and local contacts in the search box.


The Caller ID feature on this app will quickly search your Facebook account and display all their profile details along with the number of mutual friends. You can swipe up and answer or decline the call as you normally do. Also, if the caller is celebrating his birthday on that particular day, it will be displayed when you receive the call. So, you can surprise your friend by starting the conversation with the birthday greetings.

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Block Unwanted Calls

Similar to True Caller, Hello will let you block all the unwanted calls on your device. Some of the commonly blocked numbers from Telemarketers and other companies, will be blocked by default. Click the “Block Unwanted Calls” option in the Settings and you will see a window as shown in the screenshot below. There you can see the “Commonly blocked numbers” is enabled by default.

Also, you can enable the “Hidden Numbers” option, to block calls from people who hide their phone number. In the “Add number” section, you can manually add numbers by yourself, to block people who are annoying you.


Quickly Search and Find Places

Just like you have searched contacts on your dialer app, you can search different places around the world. It will fetch the address, phone number, email id and their website information immediately. Also, if there is a Facebook page available for the place you’ve searched, the fans count, ratings and review links for that page will be displayed.

Instead of going to your browser, you can search different places and get their contact information right from your Facebook Hello app.


As of now, Hello can be officially downloaded from Play Store only on U.S and Brazil. Rest of them can download the .apk file (installation file) from the APK Mirror website using the link below. Make sure you’ve enabled the “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” in Settings -> Security on your device.

Try this new Dialer & Caller id app from Facebook and let us know how useful it is when compared to the default dialer app on your Smartphone. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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Download .apk file from APK Mirror

Download from Play Store



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