5 Useful Chrome Extensions You Might Have Missed

Chrome is one of the most used browsers on the Internet. Apart from its quick page loading technique, one thing people love most is the Apps and Extensions on the Chrome web store. Though, Google Chrome is quite heavy and occupies a huge memory space, extensions are the main reason why still people stick to the browser. In the huge collection of apps on the web store, you might have missed some of the useful extensions. So, I’ve hand picked few best Chrome extensions to improve your productivity. Let’s have a look at the list below.

DF YouTube (Distraction Free)

If you use YouTube for your work, then DF YouTube is a must have extension in your Chrome. It creates a distraction free environment on YouTube, by disabling sidebar, related videos, comments, etc.. The YouTube homepage will be completely white washed after you install the extension. By default, it will block everything except the current video as shown in the screenshot below. You can enable/disable the sidebar, comments, playlists, etc., using the “Options” button in the DF YouTube drop down window.


TinEye Reverse Image Search

Google Image Upload Search is one of the popular features to find similar images on the web. TinEye makes that process quick and handy inside your browser. It does the same identification process on the web, but in a different way. It looks for similar images using keywords, metadata or watermarks on the image. Even if it is edited, cropped or resized, it will quickly locate the similar images. Also, if you are looking the same image in a higher resolution, the app helps you to find that using the “Biggest Image” option in the search. It is a must have extension for designers and photographers.

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Tab Snooze

As the name suggests, Tab Snooze lets you snooze tabs and wake them up in the time you need. As soon as you install the extension, you will see a half moon shaped icon near to your URL bar. By clicking that icon, you will get nine different tab snoozing options as shown in the screenshot below. The Settings option (Gear icon) will let you see the currently snoozed tabs, your tab snoozing history, add a to-do list and much more.



If you have used “Pocket”, Readability will sound similar to you. It lets you save web pages on the go and read them later in a clutter free environment. Compared to other similar apps, it removes all the other options and offers a comfortable reading environment. If you are a Kindle user, it is a must have extension in your Chrome. It has a “Send to Kindle” option to quickly sync your saved web pages. Readability is also available for Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Chrome Visual History

If you work online all the day and don’t see a progress in your work, Chrome Visual History will help you to know where you are going wrong. It will completely analyze your browsing history and prepare a pie chart of your most visited websites in an ascending order. Separate pie charts will be displayed, for the websites you’ve visited on the current day, week, month and all time. Just hover over the chart to see the website name the number of visits you’ve made.


If I’ve missed any of your favorite apps on this list, feel free to share them in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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