UglyEmail Identifies Emails that are Tracking you on Gmail

Email Tracking has become so simple these days and anyone can easily track whether you’ve seen the email or not. There are plenty of browser extensions and desktop apps available to know the date, time, location and in which device you’ve opened the email. If you use Email as your primary communication tool and want to protect your privacy, then UglyEmail is a must have extension in your browser.

UglyEmail is a simple email security extension for Chrome, which will easily identify the emails which are tracking your access details and violating your privacy. Here’s how it works.


Ugly Email is developed exclusively for Gmail and it will not work with other email services or with any other email clients. You can download UglyEmail from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you complete the installation, you will not see any icons in the front, but the app will start running in the background. Just refresh your Gmail account, if you have logged in already.


The emails which are tracking you, will be indicated by the “Eye-shaped” icon as shown in the screenshot above. Any incoming mail, which uses third party apps to track your details, can be easily identified with the help of this extension. Also, UglyEmail can only identify the tracking emails, it will not block or restrict your information when you open the mail. So, don’t open those emails, if you don’t want to be tracked.


As of now, UglyEmail identify the mails from email tracking apps like Streak, Yesware, Mail Chimp, etc., and the company is working on adding more email tracking services into their list. So, it will be a great extension to protect your privacy. If you still want to open the email and don’t want to get tracked, you can install PixelBlock from the Chrome web store to do that. It will automatically block the email tracking services from sending your information to the email sender.

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UglyEmail now works with Gmail and Chrome, and the team has mentioned that the Firefox add-on is on the way.  There is no information about the support for other email services. Try this in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download UglyEmail for Chrome



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