Office Lens for iOS and Android Converts Images into Editable Documents

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a method of converting images and scanned documents into an editable text. There are plenty of web apps and desktop applications available to convert the text in images into an editable text, but there are very few quality OCR apps available for mobile devices. Microsoft took the initiative and launched their own OCR app “Office Lens” in Windows Phones over a year ago. A couple of days back, Microsoft officially released the app for Android and iOS devices.

As of now, Office Lens is available only for iOS and the Android app will be released soon. Meanwhile, Android users can join the Office Lens for Android Preview community and click the “Become a Tester” link to download the Office lens preview from the Play Store. After you complete the installation, it will walk you through the instructions to use the app.


First, you have to take a picture of the document, which you need to convert. No matter which angle you take, the corners will be automatically adjusted and the text will be identified by the app. You can crop the text area in the picture, if you want to include only the text. In case, you need both text and images in that picture, just leave as it is and proceed further. In the next window, you will see different export options as shown in the screenshot above. Exporting the image to “Word” will convert that image into an editable text. It requires MS Word app to be installed on your device.

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Apart from Word, you can export the images to One Note, One Drive and PowerPoint apps on your device. Also, the captured image can be saved as a PDF document and sent through the mail right from the app. All the converted images will be available in the “Recent Uploads” section. Instead of having old documents on your desk, you can scan them and organize in the Cloud Storage easily with the help of this application. It will be very useful to scan business cards and keep them organized in a single place.

If you regularly work with documents and looking for an app to organize them digitally, then Office Lens is worth giving a shot. Try this in your iOS and Android devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Office Lens for iOS

Join Office Lens Android Preview Community



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