Vivaldi is a New Chromium Based Browser with a Fresh Look

Google Chrome was quite late to the party, but now it dominates all the browsers on the Internet. The quick page loading technique and the wide variety of useful extensions makes it more powerful than its competitors. Also, many new browsers have been developed using the Chromium source code. Recently, I wrote about a new Chromium based browser called “Yandex”, which has a brand new look from the regular interface of browsers.


Today I’ve come with another interesting Chromium based browser called “Vivladi”, developed by the ex-employees of Opera. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the new comer.

Interface and Design

Vivaldi has got a fresh look from the regular interface of browsers. The flat UI and the option placement give a clutter free look in the browser. When you open a web page, the tabs will automatically pick the dominant palette from the website and will change that particular tab’s color. When you have a bunch of tabs opened in your browser, this Chameleon effect will help you to find the tabs quickly and easily.


Speed dial is one of the iconic features of Opera. Vivaldi has that same feature in their browser. It’s just a regular speed dial option, where you can add and access all your favorite links, bookmarks and the history of your browser.

Notes and Mail Client

Vivaldi has an inbuilt note taking option on the left side bar, which comes handy in many situations. Instead of simply bookmarking the web pages, you can add text, links and screenshots to a web page using the notes option. This website specific notes option will let you keep more references in important sites.

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Opera was the first one to introduce RSS Reader, Torrent and Mail Client in a browser. Vivaldi followed the same concept and introduced their own Mail Client in its browser. As of now, the Mail Client feature is still in testing and will be available once the final version of the browser is out.

Extensions, Shortcuts and Page Actions

Since Vivaldi is a Chromium based browser, it supports all the Chrome extensions and apps from the Chrome web store. Settings of the browser have a new look from the regular Chromium browsers. In the Navigation Menu under Settings, there are plenty of Keyboard Shortcuts available to access all the options in the browser without reaching your mouse.


Another interesting feature in Vivaldi is, Page Actions, where you can apply different filters to change the look and feel of a web page. As of now, we only have the Technical Preview of the browser and the full version is yet to be released. The Technical Preview is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Try this new browser on your PC and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Vivaldi for Windows, Mac and Linux



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