Easily clear unwanted pictures on your Android phone with Gallery Doctor

Nowadays, because of high-resolution front cameras on our smartphones, we never miss a chance to take pictures. Whether they are selfies, pictures taken on trips or just those random clicks. Even though these cameras are great, you’re bound to take blurry, shaky, dark or boring photos which are basically useless and will eat up a good amount of your phone storage. In case you want to clean up your phone, identifying these pictures will take a lot of time. That is where Gallery Doctor comes in handy.


Gallery Doctor is an awesome application that gives you the ability to free up valuable storage. It identifies and clean up your unwanted photos. Here’s how it works. After you’ve installed the application, tap the ‘identify my unwanted photos’ and it starts analyzing all the pictures on your phone. If you have a lot of data, it will take time but don’t worry, Gallery Doctor works in the background and soon it’s done searching, it’ll notify you.


After analyzing, Gallery Doctor will present you with 3 options. The first ones will be duplicates, the second group will contain pictures with poor lighting and the last one will be consist of all your pictures. You’ll be given an option of reviewing all pictures at first from where you can choose the ones you want to keep or get rid of.

The application also gets smarter based on what type of photos you are keeping and deleting. With Gallery Doctor, you can easily save time, storage (giving you more room for additional, better pictures) and speeds up your phone.

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