Peerio Offers Secure Messaging and File Transfer for Windows, Mac and Chrome

Encryption has become an essential part of file sharing on the internet. The different file encryption techniques add more security and protects the user data from online threats. Previously, we’ve discussed about many encryption tools like QuickCrypt, MiniLock, Laverna, etc., to protect the user’s privacy. Today I’ve come with a new secured messaging service called “Peerio”, which offers email style encrypted communication and file sharing for free. Here’s how it works.

End to End Encryption

Peerio offers End to End encryption and gives a complete control over all your files and messages. To start with Peerio, first you need to sign up with your email account. The app uses “Passphrase” and “PIN” instead of a “Password”. Make sure you remember that Passpharse, because everytime you log into a new device, you need to enter that Passphrase. Otherwise, you can use your PIN to log into your account. After you complete the registration process, you will be redirected to the Dashboard, where you have all the Options and Settings of the application.


Secured Messaging Service

All the email services are secured by default, but when you need to add more security to your messages and files, Peerio is a good choice. They have their own secured messaging service, which encrypts all your messages by default. The recipient on the other side cannot decrypt the message without your permission and any of your file or message will not be stored on Peerio’s servers. Also, you can see where your messages are actually delivered and when it is opened and read. Unlike the regular email services, there will be not any restrictions on the file size of the attachments.

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Another interesting feature of the application is, it lets you revoke the sent messages whenever you need and lets you remotely delete them from the recipient’s inbox. So, all the messages will be in your control even after it is delivered. Also, the app comes with 1.3GB of Cloud Storage for free and you can save the attachments from your messages easily. Account Settings and Preferences will be available at the bottom of the homepage.


As of now, Peerio is available only for Windows, Mac and Chrome. The Android and iOS apps are under development. So you can download the app for your PC and Chrome to test the application. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Peerio for Windows, Mac and Chrome



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