5 Best Alternative Camera Apps For Android

Android phones have one of the best cameras in the Smartphone market. Companies like HTC, LG, Sony, etc., comes with stunning cameras in their Smartphones to deliver beautiful pictures even in low light conditions. The default camera app in most of the Android phones delivers very good results, but there are plenty of excellent third party apps available on the Play Store for Photography lovers. If you are interested in exploring different camera apps on your Android device, I’ve handpicked few best apps from the Play Store and listed them below.

Google Camera

Google Camera is the official camera app from Google. Since the manufacturers design their own camera app for Android, Google made their own camera app available on the Play Store separately. The interface is pretty simple to take photographs and videos. The inbuilt option “Lens Blur” will let you create a beautiful background blur, when you take Portraits or Selfies. If your device doesn’t have a Panorama feature, the Photo Stitching option will let you combine multiple shots and create a beautiful Panorama. Also, it can be easily integrated to all the Android wears available on the market.


Clone Camera 2.0

Multiplicity Photography using digital cameras helps you to clone yourself in different areas in a single image, but it involves a long process and it is not possible for all the people. Clone Camera 2.0 makes that process simple and brings that Multiplicity feature to your Smartphone. All you have to do is, install the app, take as many shots as you want, choose four of your favorite images from that and combine them into a single image. Images will be delivered in high resolution without losing its quality and you can edit the final image by adding filters, brightness, etc..

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Retrica is a simple camera app with lots of colors. It has plenty of built-in filters, which lets you live preview them before you take the Photograph. You can quickly switch between different filters by pressing the “Shuffle” button on the bottom of the app. Also, it lets you set Vignette, Blur, Width and Color of the image before you take the shot. So, it will be easy for you to visualize, how the final image would be. There will be more than hundreds of filters available in the app. Also, there are some premium filter packages available and you can purchase if you want. It is a great app for people who love to work with filters.



Cymera is yet another interesting camera app for Android. Similar to Retrica, you can add live filters before you shoot and choose from hundreds of filters while editing the image. Also, before you take a shot, you can choose different patterns (or) different lenses to form a collage and funny images. In the editing section, apart from adding filters, you have tons of options to enhance your image. It gives plenty of professional tools to retouch your image and there is a separate section available to edit the selfies. Cymera lets you come out with more creative photographs than your default camera app.


Focal (Beta)

Focal is exclusively designed for devices running CyanogenMod. If you have no idea about what is CyanogenMod, please don’t download this app. It is in beta stage, which has different camera options in testing. Like Burst mode, PicSphere mode, Panoroma, Scene mode, etc.. If you have installed CyanogenMod on your device or using One Plus One, you can download this app and test it in your device. Some of the advanced options like Manual light adjustment, color corrections, etc., will also be available. The interface is pretty simple and easy to understand.

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Focal (beta)

If you use only the default camera app on your Android device to take photographs, these apps are worth giving a try. Also, if I’ve left any of your favorite camera app, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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