GIFDeck Converts Sildershare Presentations into GIF Animations

GIFs are one of the most loved video formats on the Internet, especially to create funny videos, memes and comments in the social media. Since Google Plus, Twitter and Tumbler support GIF format, plenty of funny GIF videos and comments were posted every day. Apart from the entertainment, GIFDeck lets you use the GIF animations to do some productive work. GIFDeck is a new web app, which lets you convert any Slideshare Presentation into a simple GIF animation. Similar to downloading videos from YouTube, you need to copy, paste the URL from Slideshare and download the video. Here’s how to do it.


GIFDeck is an open source project and the developer made the Source Code available on GitHub. To start with the application, you don’t need to install any apps or do any registrations on the website. Just go the Slideshare website and copy the URL of the presentation you need to convert. Now, Paste that URL in the text box on GIFDeck’s website. As soon as you click the “Submit” button, the presentation will be converted into a GIF animation. Based on the number of slides and the image quality, the conversion process will take time.


Before converting the video, the Settings (the gear icon near the text box) option will let you do some editing in the final animation. You can change the animation speed, eliminate slides and change the video player size in the Settings option. By default, the time interval between each slides are 800 milliseconds, that will be quite fast, you can adjust that if you want. You can eliminate slides in the end, by reducing the number of slides in the second option. The third option will let you choose the size of the video player. Once you set all the values, you can download the video by clicking the “Save” button.

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An important purpose of converting slides into GIF animations is, it can be embedded into the email compose window easily. Your email receiver can easily view the file in any browser or in email client applications. Also, you can easily share them on Twitter, Google Plus Tumblr, etc.. Though, embedding option is available for Slideshare presentations, GIFDeck offers a wider variety of options to share the presentations easily. If you do a lot of presentations in your work, GIFDeck is worth giving a try. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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