Yandex Introduced The Future UI Of Modern Browsers

The popular Russian Search Engine, Yandex launched the Alpha version of their new Chromium based browser. They already have the stable version on their website, but this successor version has got some major UI changes and the Yandex team call it as the future interface of modern browsers. It looks like a combination of both Google Chrome and Opera. Since all the unwanted menus and icons have been removed from the window, it offers a very minimal interface for browsing. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the browser below.

Tableau and Bottom Tabs

Whenever you open a New Tab Page, there will be a set of web apps available on the top as shown in the screenshot below. It is called Tableau, which acts as a quick link to your favorite web applications. You can add or remove web apps from Tableau using “Tableau Settings” on the “Menu” (Four horizontal lines) on the top right corner. In the “Tableau Settings”, either you can choose from the list of web apps in the “Tableau Menu” or you can add your favorite web app using its URL. You can add any number of web apps to that list.


Another important highlight of the browser is the “Bottom Tabs”. Normally, we have “Tabs” on the top of the browser, but the new alpha version of the Yandex brought those “Tabs” to the bottom of the window. Also, the URL bar, will be visible, only when you hover over your mouse to the top of the window. This gives a clean and clutter free browsing experience on your PC. Also, when you click the URL bar, it will take you to a new page, where you get options to Print, Bookmark, Share that page on social networks, etc., as shown in the screenshot below.

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Extensions and Settings

Unlike Chrome, “Settings” of the new Yandex browser, will have a set of extensions by default. Around 10+ third party apps will be available on the “Extensions” page in “Settings”. If you find any useful extensions on that list, you can enable them and use it in your browser. Also, if you are from a different country, where “English” is not an official language, Yandex will update your location and automatically serve the websites in your regional language. So, if you want to see the websites in English or in any other language, go to “Language Settings” in the “Settings” page and change it.


Yandex is available for both Mac and PC. Also, the stable version is available for Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices. Hit the link below, to try the Alpha version of the Yandex browser. Don’t forget to share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Yandex Browser for Mac and Windows



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