MiniLock Lets You Encrypt and Share Files In A Dead Simple Way

Encryption process will considerably improve the security of the files you share online. There are tons of applications available on the Internet to easily Encrypt and Decrypt the files. Even some of the File Sharing applications have this encryption process by default to secure the files shared by users. Especially people who share a lot of confidential files on the Internet, will definitely need a handy encryption tool to protect their files from the prying eyes. MiniLock is one such tool for Chrome, which helps you to encrypt and decrypt files in a very simple way. Here’s how it works.


You can download “MiniLock” using the link at the end of this post. Once you start downloading the app, it will be downloaded to the Chrome App Launcher on your desktop. This will enable an option to access the app from your PC, even when you are not connected to the Internet. To start with the application first you need to sign up with your Email id and create a Passphrase instead of a Password. Phosphorus is actually a lengthier sentence, which is more secure than a password. Either you can create a Passphrase on your own or choose from the Passphrases below the text box. As soon as you click the next button, it will create a unique id with 44 characters and a place to drag and drop the files to encrypt as shown in the screenshot below.


After you upload the file, it will show you a window as shown in the screenshot below. In the blank text boxes, you can add up to four of your friends’ MiniLock IDs to send the encrypted files. If you want to unlock the file only by yourself, you can add your own ID and encrypt the file. Also, there will be an option to create a random file name when you save the encrypted file. To decrypt the file you’ve received, just drag and drop that file in the MiniLock application, it will be decrypted automatically.

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The interface of the application is pretty simple and easy to understand. Any type of user can easily understand the whole process and securely transfer files with the help of this application. If you are a regular user of different cloud services and Gmail to transfer files on the Internet, MiniLock is worth giving a shot. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download MiniLock For Chrome



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