How To Get Android L Style Notifications On Your Smartphone

Android L is the upcoming and the most expected update for Android devices. Google released the developer preview a few months back, which is not even close to the final version, but the interface and unique features attracted many users. After Google released the Android L developer preview, a new Android L style third party keyboard was launched at the Play Store and it’s become popular among many users. Later it was removed from the Play Store. Another important feature in the new Android L update is the “Notifications” and today I’ve got a new app which bring the same style of notifications to your Android device. Let’s have a look at the app below.


Floatify is a new application for Android, which brings the same Android L style notifications to your Android device. It has both free and premium versions. If you like the new Android L style notifications and if your device does not support the next upgrade, you can purchase the premium app to get the same style of notifications with all the features. After you complete the installation, the app will walk you through the instructions. Once you complete the instructions and enter into the homepage, you will see eight different icons as shown in the screenshot above.


By default, the app will be disabled, so first you need to enable the application. To do that, tap the first icon on the top, and enable the Floatify as the default notification in the system settings. That’s it, all your notifications will be handled by the Floatify application. Instead of showing the messages in the notification bar, the app will pop-up all your notifications with a preview of your message. In the Settings of the application, you can enable/disable the notifications from different apps. Also, apps can be added to a blacklist to completely hide the notifications from a particular app.

Floatify is completely customizable. You can enable/disable the pop-up notifications completely or disable it for a particular app and you can set the duration and gestures for those pop-up notifications. It lets you assign unique notification tone for each and every individual app installed on your device. Every option and settings you open in the application will have some locked premium features. If you think that will be very useful, you can purchase the premium version of the app from the Play Store. Try this app on your Android device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Floatify from Google Play Store



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