uBlock: A New Light Weighted Alternative for AdBlock Plus On Chrome

In the list of security add-ons for a browser, a good ad-block extension is an essential one. It is because of some of the harmful Adware applications available online. They can easily hijack your browser and steal the user data. Ad Block Plus (ABP) is one of the most used ad-blocking extensions for all the leading browsers. It is a more than an ad blocking extension and protects the user’s privacy on the Internet.

The only disadvantage of the application is, it uses a lot of system resources. Especially people who are using this extension in Chrome, will definitely feel the difference in the system performance. If you don’t want to use much system resources, but still need an ad-blocking extension in your Chrome browser, then uBlock is worth giving a try. Here’s how it works.


uBlock is an open source application from the GitHub community. So, you can use the app in any Chromium based browsers. You can download the extension from the Chrome web store using the link below. As soon as complete the installation, you will see the icon near to your Chrome URL bar.  Click that icon and you will see a big power button, along with the number of ads and unwanted scripts blocked on that particular page. Compared to ABP, the extension is pretty quick and uses very less system resources.


The big power button on the icon window, will let you quickly enable or disable the extension. Right click on the icon and select “Options” to see the settings of the application. Since it is an open source app, you can completely customize the settings of the extension. There will be a different set of tabs as shown in the screenshot above. In the first tab, you can see all the “3rd party filters” used in the extension. If you want to add your own filters, you can add them in “Your filters” section in the settings. Instead of completely disabling the app, you can add links to “Whitelist” section to unblock ads in those particular websites.

The video above will show you the difference between Ad block Plus and uBlock in handling the ads and scripts in a website. Chrome itself will use a lot of system resources while running. So, by using uBlock you can reduce the amount of resource usage on your machine. Also, you can try the new 64-bit version of Chrome for faster browsing. Try uBlock in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download uBlock For Chrome



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