Save images, text and webpages to new tab page with DashNotes

Whenever we come across an interesting link, a text phrase or an image, we normally add it to bookmarks and save the images in our hard disk. What happens is, we end up having a plethora of un-necessary links and other stuff we don’t actually need. DashNotes is a neat Google Chrome extension that gives you the ability to browse the web and gather notes, images or links effortlessly.

DashNotes is pretty simple to operate. As soon you’ve installed the extension on Google Chrome, you’ll notice that the new tab page has been changed and replaced by a wallpaper (which changes everytime you refresh or open new tab page again).

To pin an image, text or a website to that page, all you need to do is right click on what you want to be saved and select the ‘Add page (text or image) to DashNotes’ option. It will automatically be saved on the new page tab.


You can easily differentiate between images, text phrases or links. You can click any links or images you saved to visit the designated URL. DastNotes doesn’t save them on cloud but on your computer. Another feature of DashNotes is that you can open the saved text in the same window, no need to visit the source website for it.


All in all, DashNotes is a perfect Google Chrome extension if you research a lot, gather notes for school and don’t want to create a cluster of unwanted bookmarks.

Download DashNotes

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