Tune Sweeper Removes Duplicates and Organize Tracks on iTunes

iTunes is definitely one of the best media players from Apple. Unlike other media players available online, iTunes has its own unique options and functionality. It was the first application to come up with the concept of syncing music playlists, videos and apps to different iOS devices. People who use iTunes for a long time, will definitely have a huge collection of songs and videos in their iTunes library. One of the toughest job in iTunes is finding the duplicate tracks and organizing the library.

If you add files from multiple sources, there are chances of same track getting repeated twice or more. You cannot manually sit and search for those duplicate tracks in your iTunes library. So today I’ve come with a new application called “Tune Sweeper”, which cleans your iTunes application in just seconds. Here’s how it works.


Tune Sweeper is available for Windows and Mac OS X. It is a premium application, which comes with a limited trial period. The application is very small (around 7MB) and the installation is pretty quick. After you complete the installation, you can start scanning your iTunes app to find the duplicates, missing tracks, etc.. Compared to the inbuilt duplicate track finder option in iTunes, Tune Sweeper can quickly scan and locate all the duplicate tracks in just seconds. So, it helps you add tracks from different sources and keep your library organized.


Apart from finding the duplicate tracks, Tune Sweeper can automatically fix the missing tracks in your playlist. If the app finds any missing tracks in your library, you can either delete it or by using the app you can download that track from the internet. Another important feature of the application is, instead of manually adding songs into iTunes, you can scan your entire hard drive and choose songs to add to your iTunes library. Even if you have an existing playlist, it will help you find the songs which you haven’t added to your iTunes library.

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Tune Sweeper also offers a complete statistics of your iTunes usage. You can see which tracks, genres, etc., are mostly played on your iTunes library. This data will be shown in a pie chart and graph for quick understanding. Also, it has a different set of conditions to see the statistics for different actions on your iTunes application. This data can be shared to your Facebook account right from the app. If you are a regular user of iTunes, this app is worth giving a try. Please share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Tune Sweeper for Windows and Mac OS X



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