Give Wikipedia a modern interface with WikiWand

Wikipedia, launched in 2001 is a heaven for anyone who is looking for free content or information on literally any subject. It’s Internet’s largest and most popular site which provides free reference work. Wikipedia’s interface is minimalist, simple and straight forward. We stumbled upon a Google Chrome extension called “WikiWand” that changes Wikipedia’s whole interface and turns it into (more) User-friendly and modern one giving users the quicker and significantly improved reading experience.


After installing WikiWand’s Google Chrome extension, visit Wikipedia. You’ll automatically be redirected to WikiWand’s page which contain all the original Wikipedia content but in a modern style. You’ll notice a huge difference on first glance. The layout is modern and clean with larger photos and a proper media gallery. Another awesome feature WikiWand provides is that you can hover over any link and it’ll give you a quick preview.


Another handy feature is WikiWand’s convenient fixed table-of-contents. You can easily browse for information using these table-of-contents feature which you’ll be able to see on the left side of the website using WikiWand’s extension. The search feature is also much better than what Wikipedia has to offer, it’s multilingual and features icons that can be very helpful.

WikiWand features

  • New clean layout for optimal readability
  • Great modern typography
  • Convenient fixed table-of-contents
  • Quick preview when hovering over links
  • Multi-language search with icons
  • Beautiful, immersive cover photos
  • Larger photos and better media gallery
  • Easy article narration and audio playback
  • Dozens of other improvements

So, if you’re someone who visit Wikipedia often, you should definitely check out WikiWand.

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