How To Control Mouse Using Keyboard On Windows

A Mouse is an important input device for any GUI based operating systems. Most of you have gone through the situation, where your mouse stopped working suddenly. It may be of any reason, but most of us will not have an alternative mouse with us. If you are in a hurry to complete a task or don’t want to interrupt your work till you get a new mouse, you can use the keyboard as a mouse in the mean time. Here’s how to do it.

mouse control windows

In Windows, there is an inbuilt tweak available to use your keyboard to control the mouse pointer. To do that, first press “Alt+Left Shift+ Num Lock” to enable the option. As soon as you press the keys, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot above, to confirm your selection. Click “Yes” to confirm and now you can control the mouse pointer using your NumPad. In this method, you have to use the default keys and there are not many customizing options available.

So, if you need more options to customize the keys and settings to control the mouse, you have to go for third party applications. MouseNeat is one such application for Windows, which gives plenty of options to control mouse pointer from your keyboard.

neat mouse-1

You can download Neat Mouse using the link at the end of this post. Once you complete the installation, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot above.  The interface is very simple and easy to understand. All the options to control your mouse pointer will be available under “Key Bindings” in the Window. If you want to delete or add a different key to the existing arrangement,  just delete the existing one by clicking the “x” mark near to the text box and press the key you need to assign.

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neat mouse-2

For one or two changes, you can use the above method, but if you want to completely change all the settings and options, first go to “Settings” tab on the top of the Window. There you can see the “Default” option enabled. To create your own customized settings, first click the “+” icon and you will see a window as shown in the screenshot above. Give a name for your settings and proceed further.

neat mouse-3

After you create a new profile, you can change the settings and keys in the Key Bindings. In the middle of the window, you can see an option called “Activation” with a drop down list. It helps you assign a particular key on your keyboard to activate the application. For instance, if you have set “Scroll Lock” in that list, just press “Scroll lock” button on your keyboard to enable the application. If you work on computers all the day, this is a must have application in your PC. Share your experience with the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download NeatMouse for Windows 



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