[Chrome] Test-drive different fonts on any website easily with WebFonter

When designing a website, there are a lot of things the designers have to keep in mind. From color combinations to coding or selecting the fonts that would look great on their website and more. WebFonter is a free utility that makes designers lives easy when it comes to fonts.

WebFonter gives you the ability to test different fonts on websites beforehand from their Fontshop without uploading anything on the servers. WebFonter features a lot of different type of fonts, some of them are free meanwhile some cost $45 to $2000. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything though and testing costs nothing which is good enough to get an idea of how it’ll turn out to be. Here’s how it works.


You can either install it’s Google Chrome extension which is recommended or use the bookmarklet. WebFonter’s Google Chrome extension fully works with all the websites, doesn’t matter if they’re javascript-heavy sites or not and you can test it with sites which aren’t on the web yet and are running on local servers.

WebFonter’s bookmarlet however works with most of the sites but might not be able to with some sites like Facebook, Github, sites that use complex javascript or rely on cookies.


After installing the WebFonter’s Google Chrome extension, all you need to do is click on it and a window will pop up. Select any front that you like and you’ll notice that the website’s original font has been replaced by the one you selected. You can choose different fonts for heading and body. Fonts can be easily searched, you can scroll down and choose a font, search for one or sort it.

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WebFonter also allows you to tweak the fonts, change it’s size, line height and letter spacing. All in all, it’s a great tool for designers but the only restriction it has is that you can only choose from the fonts which are available on WebFonter’s FontShop.

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