5 Best Google Drive Add-Ons For Education

In the Chrome web store, there are many add-ons available to add more features to Google drive application. A few months back, Google introduced a separate section of add-ons for Google drive, to improve its efficiency. You can access those add-ons inside the Google drive and install them in the same window. Previously, I wrote about a set of add-ons to enhance Google drive’s functionality and must have add-ons for Google drive. Today I’ve come with a new set of add-ons which will be helpful for educational purposes. The list is as follows.


g(Math) will be a very useful add-on for both maths tutors and students. It helps you to create graphs and complex maths on your Google docs document. The built-in equation editor in Google docs, cannot handle the LaTex Commands and Prebuilt Codes of Complex math, but g(Math) will help you do that quickly and easily. The graph creator in the add-on is very simple and easy to understand. You can also plot points on the graph associated with the functions. Instead of struggling with complex desktop apps, you can use g(Math) to digitize your math problems.

Wizkids CAS

Wizkids CAS is yet another powerful math tool for Google docs. The “CAS” stands for “Computer Algebra Systems”, which integrates with Google docs’ built in equations. Similar to g(Math), you can draw and plot graphs, solve different equations, etc.. Once you install the app, it will be in the sidebar and help you solve numerical problems and will give you exact solutions for the equations. It can easily simplify and factorise different expressions with variables and give you the results. You can watch the video tutorial below to understand more about the add-on.

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Gliffy Diagrams

Gliffy Diagrams help you create professional quality flowcharts in Google docs and sheets. Once you complete the installation, you can open the add-on in the sidebar. There will be a set of inbuilt templates available on the application. Instead of doing it from the scratch, you can use those templates to create your flowchart. All the templates are completely customizable and there are plenty of shapes and tools available for different types of flowcharts. If you frequently use flowcharts, it is a must have add-on in your Google drive account.

Texthelp Study Skills

Texthelp Study Skills is just a simple highlighting tool for Google drive. You can easily highlight any text on your Google docs, sheets and presentations. When you are reading a large document with number of pages or while reading an ebook in your Google drive, this tool will be very helpful to highlight the important points. Especially when you are writing a collaborative document, you can use this tool to highlight the text in which you have made a change or want to notify other authors.



A simple and handy thesaurus add-on for Google drive, to quickly find the synonyms and antonyms while writing a document. It will be very useful for students to find and learn new words while writing their documents. You can open the thesaurus from the top menu and it will be in the sidebar to quickly look for alternative words. Select the text in your document and click the word in the thesaurus to replace it. It has multi-language support. As of now, it supports more than eight languages.

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If I’ve missed any of your favorite Google drive add-ons helpful for education, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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