5 Best Notes Applications For Chrome

All the operating systems, has its own notes app by default. In Mac, the notes application can be synced to all your Mac and iOS devices, but other operating systems don’t have this feature by default. So, other PC users who want to sync their notes with different computers, can either choose a third party application or use browser extensions to sync the notes. In this case, browser extensions are the best choice, because they are light weighted, can be synced with your Smartphones and Tablets and much more.

Previously, I wrote about “Poet”, an advanced notepad alternative for Windows. Today I’ve come with a set of extensions to quickly take notes on your Chrome browser. The list is as follows.

Quick Note

Quick Note is one of the popular note taking extensions for Chrome. After you install the extension, you can take notes easily. The Quick Notes app will be available in your right click menu. All you have to do is, just select the text from a webpage, right click and choose “Add Selection to Note”. It will be added to a new note automatically. The inbuilt cloud support, lets you access all your notes from anywhere on the web. It is a very simple application, helps you write and remember things on the go. You can also save links of interesting articles to read later.

quick note

Google Keep

Google Keep is the official note taking application from Google. If you are an Android user, this is must have extension in your Chrome. All the notes you take can from your Android device and Chrome will be synced to each other quickly and easily. Also, you can access all your notes from keep.google.com by logging in to your Google account. Instead of having a separate account for notes, this will let you use the existing Google account to save all your notes. If you are conducting an event, this app will very helpful in creating a to-do list from anywhere on the web.

Note board

Note board gives a different user interface to create and manage all your notes in Chrome. Instead of regular interface, it will give you a board, where you can stick different notes, to-do lists, links, etc., to manage all your tasks. The Note board icon will be available near to your URL Bar and it will open in a new tab will all your notes. The extension has an option to set a reminder in your browser, to complete the tasks on time. Also, you can create a “Public Board”, to share the notes or to-do lists with your friends and family members. Note board is also available for Android devices.


Evernote is one of the most used notes applications across devices. It is an ultimate notes app, which lets you add text, links, images and videos into a single note. The cloud storage lets you access the notes from all your devices. You can extend the storage and get more features by purchasing the premium account. It has add-ons like “Web Clipper”, which lets you take a snapshot of a webpage and add it to your notes for quick reference. If you are looking for a professional notes application, Evernote is a best choice.


Nimbus Notes

Nimbus is one of the popular applications for Chrome. It has an excellent screenshot tool, web clipper, cloud storage, etc., to help the users to easily manage all their notes. Similar to Evernote, you can create notes with text, links and images. It is available as a separate application for Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices. So, you can access notes from all your devices. Also, the “Nimbus Folder” app available on the Chrome web store helps you sync notes and files between different devices. All your saved notes can be accessed even when you are not connected to the internet.

If I’ve missed any of your favorite notes app for Chrome, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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